Do you think it's OK for a man to have two wives?

  • In our religion its okay even 4 wives.,, what do u think is it okay?

  • I don't think its okay, its impossible to spread your love equally anyways even if it was socially acceptable everywhere. There will always be one favorite, i don't think any wife wants to be a sidechick

  • I don't think it's OK, because one wife is already hard to cheer up.

  • @jamjam its not about sidechicks, its about real house wives, but as far as i know is that there are many womans in the world than man, maybe by marrying 2 or 3 wives will help other womans to not stay single.

  • @ragnar-lothbrok Would you want to share the person you love, i wouldnt.

  • @jamjam u wont share, she will.

  • @ragnar-lothbrok I wouldn't want to share my future partner so why should they share me

  • @jamjam okay then thats according to you. You cant, but i think as a man we can handle up to 4 wives. Plus world population right now there is huge difference between male and female.

  • NO..
    No one likes sharing.
    Plus if it works one way it has to work other way too, would someone be comfortable being the 4th husband?

  • @lucifer_ nah its tough for me being 4th husb, i could kill all 3 of jelly.

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    It's based on situation caz if wife don't have problem with that then hubby can marry with more women's if she had problem in that then it's can't permitted..!

  • @one this is the answer that i was waiting for. But islamically it is permitted to have 4 wives

  • @one It's wrong in the first place. Why is a man allowed to have multiple women? If it was the other way around we'd be like no fuck that i'm not sharing my wife. It's just wrong, like so many things nowadays.

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    @ragnar-lothbrok yeah bruh thanks you right but wife's permission needed in islam also..

  • @jamjam as long as she is okay with it then whats the prob with that

  • @one yeah they to, and if they resist its a sin.

  • @ragnar-lothbrok It'll never work out. It's impossible to share love equally, how many friendships die down because of a guy/girl? It won't take too long before one of them feels underappreciated and gets jealous and then the shitstorm begins.

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    @jamjam you state your own view about you but you forgot we are living in men forwarded society today but it doesn't mean women's don't have rights I mentioned in comment that in islam 4 marriages allowed but with a permission of first wife did you notice that... that means things happns with a permission of women then how could you say its particiality

  • @one women have rights, so why can't women have just one husband? Why should they have to share? It's not like we would share a women with other guys. They'll never be loved equally, it's sad they would agree to this or are forced to. Polygamy should've never been a thing in the first place.

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    @jamjam please read question again he's asked what you think is it ok.. right if this thing is ok for wife then how they gat problems in their marriage life..!