• My husband has decided to go back over the road driving a truck. He wants to do teams so he can make more money faster. We have talked about him teaming with a female driver, and I was ok with it because I trust my husband. Today I find out he has naked pictures of this woman, and he doesn’t understand why I am upset. Help please!!!!

  • yikes. do you trust your husband now???

  • @anonymous15

    I doubt you want my help.
    You won't take my advice wich should be to seek a divorce.
    He may not have cheated physically.
    He's cheating with intent.
    He's betraying your trust.
    And even if it is not on his behalf someone in that particular relationship is not to be trusted.

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  • Goodnight. Friend, first of all don't jump to a conclusion until u first confront him about it. Even though the evidence is there that something is most likely going on between both of them, we are living in a time where some people tend to take naked selfies or maybe one of his friends has been with her and decided to share the pictures (some men are messed up like that). The point is ask him why he as the pictures and if he is cheating on u (if he is not the abusive type). Another thing, we are living in a time where complete trust in a relationship between couples is getting harder and harder to achieve. But I won't go into that now. Just talk to your husband and try to make him understand where u r coming from, I wish u all the best. Later

  • @anonymous15 it probably nothing , i bet they just got wet in rain while fixing the truck so had to change clothes in a near by motel , also took a picture by accident.