i went to Kobe's page and wrote this>

  • been crying for 4 days and still crying as i write this. i was never really a basketball fan and never knew that much about you. your death however changed me and transformed me. you showed me how someone can rise above. how to be a good father, husband, friend, and better person to those around them to better themselves. i think God allowed this to take place simply because he has reasons for everything and they are always supposed to have meaning for good in the end. my bible tells me that. He makes light from dark. so i think it took death for people to realize the real reason you are a hero. not with what you could do with a basketball, but what you could do to love, inspire, and lift up those around you. we were so fixated on the sports star, but God showed us the transformed MAN was more important to acknowledge. that is how i am forced to make since of this tragedy. you became my hero and you and your ideals and mission will live in me. i realize now superheroes really do walk amongst us. and they are even mortal 😭

  • funny how a complete stranger playing a sport you never really cared for completely changes your life.

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