• i am a grown man and yet i cry. to music, to movies, to a good book with poingancy. i used to be ashamed. my father called me a sissy all the time. girls always wanted a tough guy. i got into emo and poetry as well. i woke up one day and realized it is ok to cry. it is ok to be a "sissy". i would rather show my emotions than hide them. lately i have been reminiscing on old music songs that make me tear up. people who lost and tributes to them. one of them was Whitney Houston. i never realized how amazing she was until after she passed and read up on her and watched her more closely. she God in female form voice wise. anyway, how does his tie into my post about crying? many of you know the band Soundgarden. good rock and even metal at times. Chris Cornell seemed like a tough rocker, right? i found this on the net and never even knew it existed. a few days after she passed, Cornell went out and during his set, played his heart out in song to Whitney in trubute. a man , a rocker, sending out a tribute to a black singer he prob never met. it blew me away how this man is deemed a rocker dude but has a heart like this. that is why i will still keep crying and not be ashamed for it. crying is another sign that you are alive! so sad that the man singing that tribute also passed. **************

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @mikeJB crying is a human instinct, nothing to be ashamed of 👍🏻

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