• always grow each year/decade/etc? think about this. lets jump to the 40s. movies back then you had maybe a knife fight or gun possibly. 50s the same, maybe a stabbing. 60s you had Psycho. 70s is when you had Suspira and the bloodlust started. the 80s had stabbing strangers and cutting throats and axes ala Jason and Freddy. the 90s and the stuff out now is mainly what i am referring to. stuff like SAW and Audition and TORTURE MOVIES! that is what i wanted to ask about. why do so many of you actually get off on watching someone tortured? esp an INNOCENT person!? i get stuff like Dexter (they deserve it), but an example i would bring up for one of the most appalling scenes ever on film is Hostel 2. the scene where Heather Matarazzo is hung up naked and her throat is slit with a scythe. and the blood from her jugular pours onto a naked woman below. i beleive it is trying to reinact Lady Bathory. anyway, how in the name of all that is human would someone find that ENTERTAINING???????? to this day i cant get that image out of my mind. one of the most distasteful things ever filmed. i wanted to write the director and rip him a new hole. but sadly, there is a market for this shit! torture, rape, pain, and on and on. i am no longer shocked anymore to human depravity. you continue to get more and more sick and animalistic. maybe i should embrace my animal side, too. like the Roman Coliseum. or The Inquisition. i will never understand ever how someone can enjoy watching another in pain. count me out

  • @mikeJB You do realise films are pretend yes? And you understand that no-one is forcing you to watch them? Stop fucking whining then, people have different tastes than yourself. It doesn't make them bad people. Get over yourself oh holier than thou

  • Henlo Gang tws gay club but no homo SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @mikeJB always thought movies were more and more graphic coz the film industry managed to make those sort of scenes more and more realistic, that fascinates some people 🤷‍♀️
    Personally I’m kinda into them, you know none of it is real but it’s still interesting to watch and more immersive

  • Soul Searchers

    @mikeJB Interesting. I never heard of Lady Bathory. Thank you for the info.

  • @Scottish it is called an OPINION. do me a fav. find a way to BLOCK ME. you are tool

  • @WtfJudith i guess its watching innocence in pain that gets me. i am a big serial killer fan. not into what they do, but i am fascinated by the human mind and how one can literally lack empathy. i know all the killers and their docs, damn near. the most upsetting story on SK i have ever read involves 2 names. the personification of pure evil. if you eve rread their story, and you arent prepared for that kinda thing, i urge you strongly to have tissues nearby and get ready for nightmares. that isnt being dramatic, it is being real. the names are ROY NORRIS AND LAWRENCE BITTAKER. i will just say this. there is an audio tape they made of what they did to a 16 yr old girl in their van. it is 20 min long. they say most people cant handle more than 2-3 min of it. i have never heard it and i never will. ever. but i have seen and read the transcript. i am now traumatized for life over it. the depravity against a teen girl is appaling. now how the hell does any rational human being get off on that? if you do wanna hear the tape in question, look for SHIRLEY LEDFORD TAPE. might be the most heinous thing on the net. and yesi have seen everything. ogreish and beheading w/ ISIS . this tape is so brutal they say FBI agents use it to decentize traineess coming in. i mention all that just to show the sick things out there and how anyone can enjoy that is beyond me. and it maybe a damn movie, but if it is fake, why the addded realism? humans are animals. ill take the ones we throw in cages anyday

  • @kh1123 elizabeth bathory. countess. one of the most prolific serial killers in history. she killed alot of children and bathed in their blood. she beleived it was to promote her youth and beauty


    @mikeJB There is an animal side to all of us. It is inherent to all humans.

    You can either accept it and merge with it in order to become Whole, or you can deny your animal side until it grows in size and its unleashed hunger sends you straight to Hell.

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