A message to all the ladies....

  • If you ever really really really want to piss off your man be sure to tell him that you want this thing letting him give you this thing each and every single tiny little way you desire. For a long time while you are asking for that thing from another.
    I hate and I don't hardly hate anyting ever I hate hate hate that. It's the kind of pain that makes you sick. I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by my best friend who my wife was sleeping with the whole time she was telling me she loves me when the truth is she loves getting banged hard by my best friend while I clean up the mess.
    I probably shouldn't have posted this year and some of the ladies may not actually do this but don't tell your man you want one thing when you want another especially if he gives it to you with pleasure over and over.
    I'm so effing mad right now if I could I'd slap that btch silly and fck her right up her *ss.

  • @wet-teri yeah, i get what your sayin. reason #374658297 to stay single lmao smh i feel for you, bro

  • This message is for anyone I might meet if I ever feel like loving someone again.

    I would not be with you if I did not feel that we shared something special therefore you are truly special to me and I will value respect and honor our relationship and strive each and every day to make it better please do not betray my trust.
    I will never lie to you I will never tell you one thing while I mean another.
    I am not a mind-reader please do not expect me to know what it is you want just tell me but be straightforward about it don't lie don't beat around the bush if you're undecided say you're undecided let's work through things together.
    Communication is crucial.
    Love and trust is necessary.
    Always I will do everything I can to help you anyway I can I will support your decisions concerning anything and stand behind you 100% even if I do not agree with your decision.
    I respect you love you and value you enough to defend your position against anyone anywhere anytime.
    A loving relationship is not 50/50 if you think it is you're only doing half the work. It is 100% from me and while I might not expect 100% from you I expect a lot more than 50.
    I want somebody to share life with. Someone who likes to be happy that isn't full of crap and drama someone who knows how to love and likes to love. Someone who likes to be happy I love to please and generally will do anything it takes to make my lover happy and content if you feel that you cannot live up to my expectations of you then don't bother. A good loving relationship really doesn't require work it just requires carrying and love and little bit of maintenance here and there along with respect and consideration for the other person you actually have to care about them not to say you love than you actually have to care care how their day was care how they feel care enough to want them better do what you can to make your relationship better and their life easier it's not brain surgery follow your heart listen to your mind and act with your body pretty damn simple.
    If anybody likes that and is single hit me up

  • @wet-teri i have a mallet if u want that.. and i know how to bury a dead body lmao jus sayin..😏😏 hope u divorced a bitch im sorry 4 u🥺🥺

  • Actually I love her. The thing that hurt the worst is she didn't ask me if I would give her that thing instead of this thing. I'm not set in stone I'm real flexible I could give her this I can give her that and I could give her everything in between. It hurt because I was not given the opportunity to give her what she wanted that's why I'm pissed if I was given the opportunity and could not please her that would be a different story however that's not the case the case is she wanted plan a each and every time and then ask for plan b from somebody else that's what pisses me off

  • @wet-teri so yur sayin that she used yur frend as backup in case plan a- YOU- didn't work?... how... that's.... im at a loss for words...

  • I don't want to go into a lot of details here let's just say she said she love me long enough for me to love her.
    She said she liked cherry pie for breakfast so I give her cherry pie for breakfast each and every single day that we were together and it turns out she was asking for sausage from someone else and didn't even bother to ask me if I had sausage. Obviously I can't go into the details but you get the idea?

  • I'm just very hurt and pissed off right now and I am the only one that can be blamed for that.
    Only the ones that you give the power to can hurt you. If I didn't care about her at all it wouldn't matter and pretty soon that's exactly how it's going to be. It just sucks that right now I'm heartbroken

  • So ladies....... If you tell me that you are allergic 2 green things I better not find out you are secretly sneaking green things for pleasure because I will be pissed off. I will be hurt. And our relationship will never be the same again. The trust has been betrayed and I feel I have been used to satisfy some stupid game that is worthless in the long aspect of pleasurable things in your life.
    We were a match made in heaven. We shared so many wonderful things together and it turns out you were just lying you don't like those things you never cared about those things. I don't know what you do care about but it wasn't me and it wasn't things that we shared together. It will be a very long time if ever that I believe anything else you have to say. You had better be very convincing should you even attempt.
    I gave you myself because you said you wanted me.
    I love you for who you are not what you have. Why did you lie about who you are? In fact just who are you? Never mind don't bother to answer I wouldn't believe you anyway.

  • My love this is for you

  • @wet-teri That's bad. I'm sorry.

  • @Parisgirl1284 said in A message to all the ladies....:

    @wet-teri That's bad. I'm sorry.
    Hello Paris. There is absolutely no reason at all to be sorry you didn't do anything but you can.
    After all I'm single now and I'm definitely in need of love and attention.
    I am easy to please and I happily give what I receive.
    As I was saying to a friend I need to be mad at myself and not her I gave her the power to hurt me she abused it but I gave it to her so I should be upset with me and not her

  • @wet-teri I'm sorry. I don't date.

  • Something happened more than once as I was growing up. I'm sorry.

  • @Parisgirl1284 said in A message to all the ladies....:

    Something happened more than once as I was growing up. I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry to hear that

  • Thanks😊😍

  • look my me li! me is it Teriti

  • No Haylee. It wasn't you who broke my heart.

  • nothing in this thread makes any sense...

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