What is it like?.

  • How do people think a disillusioned person can live without worrying what others think when all they see is people making fun of them for having ”ADHD”, “OCD” and many more.
    We get made fun of for making a mistake that our family made when we where born. It can just make others feel uncomfortable around a person that has many issues with themselves. It’s a normal thing everyone has like walking on a sidewalk that has lines OCD has a big part in this. OCD has always gotten in the way when you’re constantly trying to make it through the day without making a mistake and getting upset. Much like music helps those who cannot control the way they get angry or sad those kids and adults struggle to make words out just like autism. Some people see a autistic child and wonder how bad they have it. Maybe next time you see someone who has these problems just think about if you where them tell yourself if it is right to make fun of them for being different.

  • fuck ignorance. it has no cure. the world has become selfish and ugly. everybody wants to be better.. everybody wants to run in some fantasy race.. where is compassion, kindness??? It has always bothered me when people look down on others, whether it be for a physical impairment or not.. I don't know what your life is like, you don't know my struggles either... we're all dealing with our own demons.. I

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    @Emma-Bradley whoever makes fun of those types of people have no heart or respect for the human being. It’s just wrong smh

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    @DELICIOSA ikr smh

  • We are all trying to find our way home. Hopefully we all can do it together. Taking the time to listen and see ourselves in another's shoes (sort of speak). Taking time to understand that others have such different struggles and strengths than ourselves .
    Thanks for posting a thoughtful post. hugs. xx krista

  • i posted about my OCD already in here. it is like living life off a checklist. overorganizing, trippingover yourself to get things done, waking up at night to PROVE you have the door locked, etc etc. and when you tell someone this is tough, they look at you like a headcase or a wimp. i just accept it now and my medicine helps calm me. still have it , though. along with PTSD and mild autism and GAD . i'm a mess

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    The world was a better place some centuries ago.Everyone respected everyone else there was no greed or selfishness.Where we live this is not Earth it's HELL

  • @Emma-Bradley you may not know this. you are already the voice of your generation. PREACH!

  • @idek2019 sadly, it's what we've come to..

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