• Hey all,
    I'm still getting adjusted to the site, but was wondering, is it common for people to follow others with out ever messaging or up liking a post they made? Do they just enjoy watching from afar? I don't mind either way, I just wanted to see if that was the norm here or whats polite? should I follow back?

  • @Lindsey I often wonder that, myself about followers. There are potentially as many answers/reasons for that as there are people, so I've yet to come up with any one theory. As far as following back, it couldn't hurt. Some may not be able to contact you until or unless you are following them back. If it doesn't go well, there's always an option to Block User, so not a lot to lose. By the way, welcome and hope you enjoy it here.

  • @Lazz I appreciate such a thoughtful answer. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, as well as for welcoming me aboard.

  • @Lindsey You're calling the shots for the type of experience you have, here, so just do what feels right, or is comfortable for you, and I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends and maybe find a few surprises along the way. There are a lot of good people here, and I'm sure we're better for having you with us! Thanks for the kind words, and the upvote was nice as well. Try the Live or Public chats too!

  • @Lazz I appreciate your words more than you know. I'll be taking youre advice to heart. You're right, there are a lot of good people on here. Some of which I've had the pleasure of chatting with. I'll be sure to check out the live and public chats too.

  • @Lindsey i think it varies Lindsey. I generally have some interaction with people before i follow them and it's pretty much always a 2 way street. Unless your settings are adjusted people have to follow each other to private message. I also have a whole bunch of people who follow me that have never spoke to me. Not sure whether to be creeped out by that or flattered lol. As for etiquette i would follow people back at your own discretion, don't feel obliged

  • @Lindsey That's the spirit! If you follow your heart you can't go wrong. I'm in Live a lot, so if you see me, feel free to send a HELLO my way! ;)

  • @Lazz When I see you in live, I'll be sure to send a big hello your way, for sure.

  • @Lindsey Yeah I'm kind-of with @Scottish here, I certainly don't like to follow people I don't have at least some decent awareness of (hence I follow very few people) either through conversation or because I have repeatedly seen them post content I've valued. I'm a bit weirded out by the random folk who follow me when I've never seen/heard of them before and they don't message. My settings are open so anybody can contact me without me following them first; if someone has something to say I'd rather they just come out with it.

    As @Lazz says you make your own experience. What will you get out of following them? Are you naturally extremely polite and feel you should? Or are you equally as perturbed by strangers knocking on your profile door, and don't want to encourage them? There is no right or wrong answer, you've just got to do what feels right for you (maybe even on a case by case basis) and remember you don't owe anybody an explanation.

    Keep safe, look after yourself, and enjoy your time here.

  • @Matt_Aranha my settings are open too Matt and the last week or so i haven't been getting so many weirdos and catfish message me. Santa DID get my letter 😁😁

  • @Lindsey I also wonder why some people post something like wanting to chat with others and then they don’t do anything

  • @Lindsey
    it is actually pretty common around here. i can honestly say that i've never interacted with 90% of the people who've followed me :D i think that for some people, it's an attention thing. as in, they want your attention and they're hoping to gain it by following you.

    my advice would be that you shouldn't follow back complete strangers. only follow the people whose opinions & thoughts matter to you :)

  • @sarah_the_magpie oh alright gotcha, you completely answered my question. Thanks so much Sarah.

  • @Lindsey when you follow back they will send messages :')

    like when someone follows you it's like he is requesting a conversation with you :')

  • @Algerian-male ahhhhh that makes sense. See Im glad I asked, being new, I imagined there was some sort of normal culture amongst users on here. Thanks so much.