What are the most common reasons for friendships to fall apart?

  • Okay i believe there is true friends here and people who have experience on this, please educate us. :)

  • Lack of communication, miscommunication, petty people, you could not be very good friends, one party could just be trying to get into the second parties pants.

  • I have a friend of mine, we dont usually talk too much but he cares. Sometimes there might be lack of communications but still your friend can care for you. :)

  • A. Communication gap.
    B. Mistrust.
    C. People sometimes just outgrow each other.

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    We develop as people all the time. Sometimes we develop in different directions. Sometimes we're only friends because they're nice people that we see every day. Distance time and growth change many things!

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    Well when one is a user and the other just gets tired of being the one always doing things and gets nothing in return that can kill a friendship.

  • @ragnar Introducing him/her to your bf/gf.

  • Relationships in general fall apart because of mistrust, misunderstanding, and simply because living with someone is hard, really hard, to care for another alongside with you could prove to be just a drag down, that's why at one point we prefer to just walk away.In my opinion, how long can you endure these defines what kind of relationship you have, if you can endure all the fights and problems and stress and everything without losing your trust, and understanding of the other, and still value the times with him/her above the bad occasional times then that's love I guess. If you feel like giving up or feel like they are not so important to you/ you don't trust them completely and u'd walk away if they do you bad then that's just some friendship relationship. Though sometimes friendship can be so high as it almost gets love relationship proportions. As for me, most of my friendship relationships ended because we walked on different paths, and going back to my original idea we'd just drag each other down so it'd be better to just live on with our lives and change a word here and there instead of talking and sharing secrets and whatever all the time, and ofc I found replacements, it's cruel ik but that's just how life goes. I also got lucky enough to meet the person I love so I don't need anyone anymore to be there for me so now friendship relationships to me are more like that group of people you hang out with so you won't feel lonely but that's all there is to it. Friends are....hard to find I call many people my "friends" but there has not been more than 3 persons in my life so far i truly considered a friend, and one of them I lost due to the different path thing, the other is my lover and the third...it's already starting to rust, we talk here and there but once we lost our common passion we don't have much to talk on, since all my pain goes on ma lover I don't really need anyone's shoulder anymore so yup no more common passion nothing to talk = friendship relationship fades. Wheh that got long

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    me and my one of my friends have been friend for like 7 years, just communicate properly, friendship wont fall

  • @ragnar i think it is because we’re too afraid to step closer, the closer you become with one person the more you have to open up. Not just open up to your feelings but your mistakes, your bad habit, dealing with their bad habit too. And the hardest thing to me is a confrontation.

    When he/she really knows you inside out, and one day you did something wrong, and they point it out on you or even lecturing you, it will be really inconvinient, on one side you agree with them that you’ve made a mistake but on the other side you have your pride. And to react to that in a short time most people could say something really hurtful. And vice versa when your friend makes mistake or starting a bad habit, you’re gonna struggle to tell them but trying not to hurt them either. But if you hold it and run away from those confrontations things will only get worse because one day you’ll explode and ruin your friendship or you’ll distanced yourself and never spoke again.

    Confrontation is good, followed by honesty, great forgiveness and ability to give in and apologizing. The best friendship sometimes are full of fighting scene but the importance is to forgive and be friends again like nothing ever happened.

  • @ragnar one party having more expectations than the other?? Betrayal, selling out, and a 3rd party (I don't know how to shareπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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