• Why do guys have such jolly friendships while majority of girls envy other girls.
    Interpretation: Guys get along easily with new humans, while girls have a hard time in their peer group itself!
    P.S- Obviously there are many opposites too, but i am asking in general!

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  • Maybe because of mens are highly evolved with society than womens

    But still womens have tough time with society of pervert

  • @sammy i think its because guy don't give a shit to what people look or something. they will say whatever on their mind and not be fake, which most of girl are nice at First but their talking bad behind someone's back

  • @its-bobby we was only arrest long centuries
    We only blame them
    We only tease them
    We only torture them
    We only set their limits

    First change ourselves before pointing them.
    Only few womens are wrong
    Most of mens are bad(shame)
    They're still can't walk freely on streets even in daytime

  • In general scenario:

    If two guys fight and if the reason is not bad enough, guys honestly forget what the fight was about in a couple of weeks.
    Girls remember.
    Girls even point out something other girl said a couple of months ago and that fuels the fights more.

    So its easier to be friends if you don't remember what the fight was about in the first place.

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  • Boys naturally make friends faster and hold onto their friends more. Girls on the other hand do not make friends easily. Well it is my experience so far.

    Friendship with guys is far more easy and casual because the judgment is very less. Most of them do not take things too seriously. They do not judge every small single thing, so one can mingle and be who you are and if you are funny they would laugh about you and leave it. With girls it's complicated because they judge easily.

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  • @sammy
    Guy bf 1: Hey fuck off dude...why did you text my girl the other day!
    Guy bf 2: So what man? Also, she replied XD
    Guy bf 1: Punches guy 2
    Guy bf 2: kicks guy 1
    Guy bf 1: Forget it...she is a bitch.
    Guy bf 2: LMFAO ikr!
    guys hug

    This is exactly how we behave and how our fights are.
    Idk abt girls....

  • @its-bobby said in Difference in friendships:

    but their talking bad behind someone's back

    So not true dude, everyone including males do that. I would say, its not sex dependent rather situation and nature dependent.

    But men bitching about each other, so very common.

  • @sammy iโ€™m not really into any sides, for my friendships are the mix of boys and girls. To me the girls who confessed enjoy being friends with guys rather than girls are bullshit, she just wanted to be surrounded by the opposite gender to make her appear to be-or feel attractive. Because afterall that girl is a girl too, and sheโ€™ll need a girlโ€™s talk too.

    And not all girls friendship are envious to each other and full of backstabbing drama, if you mature enough and able to value something in your life and be grateful enough for having an imperfect humans beside you, you wonโ€™t hurt your friends. The envious feeling is just a dust comparing to the anger if you find someone hurt your friend.

    And talking about guys, they seem fine and kind to each other but actually they all wanna be the male alpha especially when theyโ€™re in front of a woman. All will try to look cooler than the rest. And when you talk about career and achievements theyโ€™ll compete not just with the guys but also the girls.

  • @sup
    Yes buddy! Thats exactly what i was talking!
    Boys value their friends like a diamond! They'll treat each other bad, fight but at the end of the day hug each other and forget everything!

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    Thanks for letting me know about the tags!

  • I have a friend on mine, he is playboy ofcourse, he was chasing this gorl, he didnt took long time for the gorl to say yes. At the moment his another friend ask him to help on his girl, she dont reply his texts n shit, and he is chasing her, without knowing they were chasing the same girl. My player friend helped him, but after knowing it was the gorl he was chasing too he told the dude "ey is this christina?, im chasin her too and she said yes to both of us, lmao so what u say"
    "Uhh.... you do you bro"
    "Well you wanna bang her go on do it man"
    "Lol sure, you sure bout this man?"
    "Why not? Oh cmon man!!, we good"
    The dude banged her and he came back to my friend again like "ey man that wss easy, and kind of you"
    "Not a problem man"
    Not to mension my friend was still in contact with her.
    After months they broke up and my friend banged the gorl. Again it happened they was chasing another same girl. And they were still good.
    So here it is, we guys we are kinda different to womans, we dont look forward, as how woman do, we look up and its nothing for us to say sorry or forgive easly. We can be lions and teddy bears at the same time, but a woman want to be lion at other woman.. fire cant be solved by another fire, it needs water. And for a woman to lay low and be sorry to another woman takes time, most of woman doesnt accept that its their "fault" thats what differentiate them from a man. We are angry and fight but another second we talkin bout soccer with friendly punchs forgetting that we was in war seconds ago.