• I have had a lot of pets over the years one of the most interesting pets I've had out of all of them were bearded dragons.
    The 2 small one's are Fernando and Kalov. How I told them apart was by a poem I made "Fernando is lighter so much brighter,Kalov is darker like a marker." Unfortunately Fernando attacked Kalov making him loose a couple toes on his back foot and I had to return Fernando to the store. And then a few months later on new years day of 2016 Kalov passed away suddenly. I got him cremated. In 2017 I ended up with another bearded dragon a much older one they called puff daddy and I called him Marcelo. While he was sweet he was a big boy and he ate a lot. He refused to eat vegetables and fruits like he should have been so I had to buy freeze dried crickets which were 10 dollars a bottle at the store. Eventually it became way too expensive because he was eating about 3-4 of those bottles a day alone. So I was forced to give him up because I could no longer keep affording it. I miss all of them but they were really cool to have.

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  • Wat was the name of the fat one?

  • @Ryiya so cute

  • @ash4u Marcelo lol the owners before me named him puff daddy for being fat but I wanted to give him some dignity with a name that didn't just focus on his weight.

  • @Ryiya bearded dragons are lovely animals Ryiya, affectionate and with their own personalities. My brother in law has one called Bob, he's a bugger for trying to escape and then we're all frantically searching for him before the cold gets to him.i love walking round the house with him clinging to me. Hopefully you'll get another at some point, one with less expensive tastes lol, that behaves and eats it's salad. They are supposed to move more onto that aren't they? Yours just didn't want to grow up! 😁😁

  • @Scottish when they are babies they need to be fed mostly insects 2-3 times a day so 70%-80% and they should be eating 20%-30% greens as well. When they are adults then their diet is suppose to be 80% greens and 20% insects and only eating insects every 1-2 days. But the family that owned him before me only really fed him crickets so he did not want anything to do with the vegetables except for the butternut squash he actually liked that a lot I couldn't get him to eat anything else though when it came to fruits and vegetables. They had him for 3 years so he was already pretty stubborn by the time I got him.

  • I got my son a bearded dragon for his 10th birthday and I never regretted it... He named him biscuit... Don't ask me why to this day I will never know but I used to call my son peanut and so biscuit it was.. I love animals and reptiles I have had some pretty cool pets as rescues... Crested geckos are beautiful and feel like velvet... Think they are my fave...

  • @VioletApple OMG 😱 right???

  • @Ryiya yes Ryiya i know this, i remember bob transitioning from crickets to salad. That's what i was wondering about. I also remember dropping a container of the live crickets when i was feeding him and about 40 of them are everywhere, my sister who is squeamish about them freaked and is shouting at me that i better recapture every last one of them, there i am on the floor under the dining table trying to corner them as they hop for their lives lol

  • @cant-breathe OMG 😱 left????

  • @Scottish oh my... Thats a mess my daughter moved out for one weekend while I had to hunt a brand new 50 group of them with a Hoover... That's all your job now sweetness

  • ooohhhh i have a bearded dragon and an adorable little turtle dude i might upload some pics owo

  • @Scottish Yep the crickets are a pain in the ass especially if you are trying to sleep and that is all you hear all night lol..

  • @Scottish At the time I had a seperate tank for the crickets themselves with food and water for them so I wouldn't have to keep going to the store for more not the best option if you want to sleep ever again lol. Some people can sleep through it I just couldn't.

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  • @cant-breathe cool, I'm a ninja at cricket control, I'm on it 😁

  • @Ryiya Bob's were kept in little plastic containers, the sound of them popping against the plastic 24 7 could drive you to kill!