Friends being clingy and general angst

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  • I have been thru this... I don't know I just couldn't do it anymore... I don't want too bother with them they get clingy and needy and expect me to be around all the time I came here tonight because I'm dealing with a personal thing and I don't want to talk to anyone I know... It just gets turned into something for them to fan about...

  • @K-qwerty I'm easy to manipulate and I have too many trust issies... So whenever someone gets through I'm either gung ho or really scared cuz I won't know what to do

  • @K-qwerty
    I don't think I am capable of making cry on their shoulders type of friends cause I can't trust people so I keep my distance and they can sense that I don't open up.... I've been told I act like a snob.... Even was told nothing I'm above people... I am totally awkward and socially inept but people are always wanting to talk to me or get to know me... I always think they have other motives for wanting to befriend me... But because I feel the same as u I withdraw..

  • @cant-breathe at this point I just want to delete all accounts that I have and isolate myself because srojiwpek the only way I can express this is keyboard spam because it's sad that we have trust issues but it's even sadder how mental health isn't a detailed course in school so we can dissect how to solve our internal issues and so people can understand why some people act the way they do. I could keep saying it sucks to everything but in general I guess people just suck sometimes

  • @Deimat Sometimes I wish I could just change my personality to be the equivalent of a brick so no one would find me worthy to talk to while other times I want to be better to the people i know

  • @Deimat I am Easily manipulated like u mentioned

  • @cant-breathe Wowwwwws that's shitty

  • @cant-breathe ouch at least it seems like you had the last laugh? still that level of betrayal my god

  • @cant-breathe some people may say otherwise but if they broke you down like that for 27 years and you were sensible enough to not kill them I feel you like feeling joy out of the lie that is their life is deserved seeing as you've grown and moved on without them.

  • does girlfriend count? basically we had no communication which was both of our faults I'm not saying that I didn't contribute but basically she ended up breaking up with me over text, making up a story about me dating two people during my time dating her (which she probably got the idea from my poor friend), and then asked her ex in which was my friend and wanted nothing to do with her on a date within a few days after breaking up with me. Is this the worst thing relationship wise I'll experience? I'm not finding out

  • @cant-breathe yeah lol. the only reason I'm still even thinking about it so heavily is because my friend who is also my ex's friend brings her up sometimes for some reason. Which just makes me want to scream that her life isn't my business why are you telling me this??

  • Sounds like rubbing salt in ur wounds

  • @K-qwerty I'm a clingy person so if you need some help getting in their mindset...? Ig I'll see what I can do... Hope things are getting better

  • @cant-breathe That sucks, can't say I'm better though as I obsess over if I'm even good enough to be friends with the people that I choose to associate with. But yeah the people I was hanging out with at a point ended up only talking to me during break and then don't care about me after they go home so it shouldn't have really been a surprise seeing as they didn't put effort into talking to me after hours when I tried doing so. that's at least in my case...

  • @Deimat I am too, in my situation I only had lighthearted conversations with them during lunch breaks though for maybe a year and tried advancing a deeper relationship with some but it didn't end up working out and when I was done with the group's issues they followed me out of the group and then reformed it with it having mostly the same people and the same issues. I guess I just don't want history to continue to repeat itself later on in life and I want to know how to break away from a group without any following or hating me for leaving.

  • @Deimat I get that I was like that with the people I want to associate with but then I got involved in other circles and my personality has changed so much and I feel like i'm burdening them so yeah

  • @K-qwerty hell Idek who I am anymore

  • I don't and have not had any social accounts for years and I only had one to find my sons father a few years ago... It was horrible... People from my past coming out like cockroaches to find out where I vanished too... I have been introverted all my life but since my recent issue I can't see it getting better with my trust issues...

  • @K-qwerty I don't wanna be lonely but I get it

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