Lovejoy. Is his life cool or bleak?

  • I've been preoccupied recently with whether Lovejoy's life was cool or bleak. OMG pls hlp. THERE'S TOO MANY PROS AND CONS, I CAN'T SQUARE IT.


    He's never too far from a quiet country pub.

    He hangs out with a biker and a very sleepy old man, and they require ZERO maintenance.

    All his associates are all b stards, and so he doesn't need to worry about being nice.

    His best friend is a married woman, and so he can have the satisfaction of having a woman in his life WITHOUT the hassle of love or sex.

    Some of the antiques are quite interesting.

    The UK economy being what it is, sooner or later we'll all just be selling random bits of tat to other people selling random bits of tat, so you might as well be Lovejoy.

    Rocks a leather jacket.


    His associates are all b stards.

    The cops are always after him for shady dealings.

    His best friend is a married woman, constantly reminding him of his own inability to find true love.

    He always has to be in charge.

    Constantly has to deal with rich people who've done F all to earn their money.

    Some of the antiques are BORING.



  • @Indrid-Cold Two sides to every coin. Yin and Yang. Good, better, bad, and worse all rolled into one

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