• Just 3 nights before, me and my husband has a big fight. We have 2 kids. The youngest one was only 4yrs old whose like other kids cries when he wants something you doesn’t want him to have because of some reasons. And this triggers my husband to push and shout on me in-front of my kids. Puts a blame on me whenever my kid acts like this. And I was telling him, if he thinks I cannot handle our kids them he needs to help me take care of them. Btw my husband is an online game addict, he never talks to us and play with his kids during his free time. He never eat with us when dinner time comes, and just go out buy his own food when he’s hungry playing his computer games. He even doesn’t want me to sleep beside him because he really was stuck on his chair playing the damn online game. So I was sharing a very small room with my kids. I feel so hopeless that he even told me to find another man and let me free from our marriage. I never thought of doing a thing like that because I don’t want a broken family for my kids, how could a man be like that?

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    He is self centered and just not into the whole thing. Move on and if you want your children to have both a mother and father then find another.
    I promise you that there is a man out there who will treat you with respect and cherish the children as well

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    Where are you located?

  • @wet-teri I’m from Philippines

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    @AidenShiawJie said in Insensitive husband:

    @wet-teri I’m from Philippines

    Too far away for me to take you on a date. I'm in Louisiana.

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    @AidenShiawJie instead of Posting here talk with your husband with a calm mind

  • @vishkun he’s a completely close door. My in-laws have tried to do the same, he will just ok in 2-3days and still back to old self again.

  • @wet-teri thanks, friends around me had been advising me like you do but with the responsibilities that I have now there’s a 10% chance of hopping to find another man who can help me show my kids how to be a responsible adult when they grow up

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