Is it disrespectful to like other girls sexy/halfnaked photos on instagram when in a relationship?

  • Depends on you. Why you liking them in the first place?

  • @alex_lexy sorry i didn't make it very clear in the original post. I'm a girl and it's my boyfriend that's been liking the pictures. I genuinely just don't think he understands how much it affects me. We've had a couple miscommunications in our relationship because he's quite laid back so doesn't really get bothered by things. Whereas i'm quite insecure and emotional.

    But as i said i just feel like he doesn't understand that it upsets me so much

  • @BrookieCookie sorry i didn't make the original post very clear. I'm a girl and it's my boyfriend that is liking the photos. How do you feel about it?

  • It is very disrespectful to stare at naked pictures online when you are in a relationship in real life. Very disrespectful.

  • Hey whats up babe

  • Of course it's disrespectful, it's really not on to behave like that. It's also disloyal, untrustworthy and i would day kinda unfaithful in my book. Start liking half naked photos of guys and watch him throw his toys out of the pram...

  • He doesn't see your point because you don't do it. I think he might feel differently if you did. Also he feels no need to change as you tolerate the current situation. You obviously value yourself more than he does which isnt all bad, self worth is very useful to have. I hope it works out for you with him or without him. Keep your chin up and hold onto that self worth

  • @Cierra-Warnock heloo![alt text](image url)

  • @Scottish oh no, i didn't mean it like that. i completely agree with what you said, but figuratively explain to him if i was to like all these pictures of hot half naked men how would that make him feel. To be honest i know that he's either going to begin to understand and we'll work through it and he'll stop or nothings going to change and i need to move on. I just don't want to throw something away when there's so much good coming from it, not just the negative you know

  • That's true, we're all different but a good idea is to use your own standards as a barometer of what you are/aren't willing to accept from others. I personally have put up with all sorts of shit for love and here i am single and alone anyway so was it worth it?

  • Absolutely i couldn't agree more, walking away from love is incredibly hard to do. Its a mindwarp when your heart and your brain are in conflict.

  • I think what you need to do is put up a big poster of a shirtless idris elba (or some attractive male hunk you're into) in your bedroom and see what his reaction is.

  • @Scottish so have i! and i've explained that to him as well, in past relationships i've literally allowed myself to be treated like an absolute idiot because i cared so much and basically just got taken advantage of. It's so bloody difficult honestly.

    Also he's actually going away for 5 months so it's making me feel worse about the whole situation. Not that he'll cheat or anything, but it's only going to make me feel more insecure and less close to him. I'm struggling with it all

  • @Evil_Dead this actually put a smile on my face, thank you for that haha. perhaps i should!

  • Fuck! That's a complication, a relationship neexs to be rock solid to withstand a 5 month absence. I sincerely hope it goes how you'd like it too. If you wanna talk about it pm me, some of my experiences im unwilling to air publicly and only able to open up about in confidence, still stinging i guess...

  • I’m only 15 and a female that’s not right for you or your man to do that

  • I totally get you but we aren't all the same... My ex would have alot of male friends and she would go out with them pretty often (we had a LDR) even tho I hated it, on the other hand, I could go out with my female friends and such and she would be totally fine with it. It's just about how ppl are, now the difference is if it really bothered me, she would have stopped it

  • @Lurker yeah i completely get you, i think the main issue with all of it is obviously my insecurity but it's that he's showing these other girls more attention than me? i am/would be more than happy for him to go and hang out with female friends etc. as long as i knew that he was all for me, if that makes sense. But he doesn't give me safety in that which is why it's becoming such a big issue

  • You'll get there, it may be a long and painful road (It's one I'm walking down myself right now) but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We've both trodden this path before and know it to be true even if the here and now is a massive kick in the nuts.

  • Yea my boyfriend just broke up with me so anybody single?
    Things about me: I’m 15 female, like gymnastics and volleyball, I am very flexible, like to workout
    Reminder: boys 15 to 19 only
    Thanks, Cierra

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