Share your thoughts on modern Life style is good or mediaeval life style is good

  • Share your thoughts on life in 1900 century vs 2000 century vs 2100 century?
    I would like know your thoughts please!

  • All is well and I have no complain, but if I would prefer to go back in time and i to do certain things what I have in my mind.
    would tracked all phedophelias hanged them upside down naked in public where all people can see skinned them alive kept only thier face but I wouldn't damaged the skin nor I will killed them, I will break Thier back bone so that they can't run or walk.I will build a ashram keep all the these fellows feed them train them to sing a story how pethatic they were for themselves to pass on the story so no one would think about it doing it I would made a beautiful door matt from Thier face skin, I will make rules to wipe Thier own feet in thier face Matt.. so now there wouldn't be a sign of phedophelias or rapist .. now it's not possible I regret that's sad for me that it