• Which country what was your experiences there? Be kind to share.

  • I'm Nigerian, so yeah. What I can say about it is:

    • Nigerians are fucking rowdy
    • Just about every Nigerian I pass has never heard of deodorant even though they are sold at every supermarket
    • Most of them don't know how to speak proper English even though most of them go to or have gone to school. I don't know if they are taught broken English at school cause I don't go to a school with Nigerian or British curriculum. Although I do know that every one of my family members schooled in Nigeria (in schools that teach Nigerian Curriculum - in rural areas might I add) and all of them behave properly educated and speak proper English.
    • Nigerian schools in rural areas are extremely corrupt. My friend, who's actually my cousins' nanny (she's 16!!) who schooled in a rural community told me that her classes used to be stuffed with over 50 students in one classroom. the kids in the back of the classes would LITERALLY BE HAVING SEX DURING CLASS AND THE TEACHER WOULDN'T NOTICE!! She said that kids at her school used to have sex all over campus! She told me about one of her friends at from school who became a prostitute (and this girl was a the same age as my friend). When her dad found out, he did everything he could to get her to stop. He beat her all the time trying to discipline her, but it didn't work. He later TRIED CHAINING HER IN HER ROOM, yet still escaped. There are lots of uneducated people in rural areas especially. People like maids, house cleaners, people who sell stuff on roads (lots of kids sell stuff on roads as well)
      Nigeria couldn't get anymore corrupt you might be thinking. Oh but it defiantly can.
    • There are homeless people everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Sometimes, in my neighborhood, I literally see homeless people taking things that they believe are eatable, or can clothe them into bags. That's probably what they see as shopping! There are lots of homeless kids on roads as well, and you very rarely see people give them money. You've got to be think of how sad this is, but politicians don't. They live in mansions, have the latest cars (which their drivers take them around in). My school is filled with the children of such people, and so as you can expect, they are spoiled rotten. They aren't taught to respect their elders, or to treat people as you would like to be treated. I see them in their huge homes treating their many house helps like fucking trash. They lake respect and morals because they learn what they know from what they see their parents do. Their is this boy in particular who thinks that everyone who doesn't have as much money as he does, is not as a peasant, no matter their age. His name is Onyedi. Once, when I was at his house, one of his butlers was sent by Onyedi's mom to get one of her phones for her. He politely asked Onyedi if he had seen it. This boy, in the rudest manner imaginable yelled at him "No! And stop bothering me! Can't you see I'm playing a game?! God!". This bitch has no shame. Not long after that, we where having a conversation about where we were going and what we were doing for the summer. I said I was going to Houston, and this disgrace of a person said to me "You can afford to travel?" with the most smug look on his face. Let me just say that I got to the best school in my state. My school fee is $18,000 per term. That's $54,000 In a school year. And he had the nerve to say that to me. I'm aware that I'm not nearly as rich as any of these people, but I do my best to be were I am today. I don't have a dad who's a politician and can afford everything. My mom is single. My dad doesn't do anything to support our family. My mom and I aren't even in contact, but I mom is independent. She has 3 occupations that bring her money. Still with all of this, she still manages to be a stay at home mom, pay for my school fees, and pay the bills. Rich people here don't have that, so they don't know how to do that. If anything happens at school, maybe they don't like a teacher, or they don't win as president of student counsel, it's "Just what till my dad hears about this, that woman's not going to ever set foot into this school again.". Their parents come to school, fuss about the situation a bit, and win because the school knows how powerful their family is and how much money this could cost the school if it gets to court. Although, the question is, what are you teaching you kids to do in such situations, because when you're gone, they won't be able to call for dad.
    • About a year or 2 ago, my neighbors got robbed in their homes. That was the first and only time I heard gun shots. 3 days ago, armed robbers, broke into my uncle's house and knocked him out with the butt of a gun, although he's safe now, thank God! And about a week ago, when my mom went to get pizza, she almost got fucking kidnapped. Now tell me what the government and president do?
      This is a normal sight for the average Nigerian.

  • Yes I've been to kenya, Morocco, the sahara its really amazing my parents adopted like 3 cute africans children I love them all