• I'll be honest with you, I could go either way. No one realizes, the people of Sherwood Forest need high taxation and convoluted hunting regulations. And let's be honest, all you need to do for a better life is have your daughter marry a French or German nobleman. Above all, you do something wrong and Nottingham sends Guy of Gizbourne to kill you -- who says death is a bad thing? It might be good. No one knows.

    But at the same time, I like the idea of being a freedom fighter.

    I dunno. IT'S A TOUGH ONE, INNIT.


  • you truly ask the weirdest questions on this site, indrid :D

  • @sarah_the_magpie Good choice, S the M.:+1:

  • Indeed, it is good to look at the reasoning of the bad guy. Always. Maybe it's not as stupid as it seems and maybe the problem is actually much bigger and complex than you think. Actually, usually it is. Like Greta had to hear before the United Nations: Young girl, we are trying to find solutions for these problems for decades. Judging others is not a solution and it does not make you morally superior. On the contrary I dare say it actually makes you morally inferior...

  • Park3r! Welcome home! This horrible, murky business of being alive and being part of the human race ...still rolling up your trousers and wading in. NICE.