Why do some people still have really small TVs?

  • One thing I like while taking the dog for a walk, is looking through people's windows...

    ...hey come on now, not like that, hey come on, not like that, hey c'mon now, come on, hey come on now, c'mon, c'mon, hey c'mon now, hey come on now, not like that...

    ...and one thing I've noticed is that a lot of people still have very small TVs in their living rooms. We're talking 20-30". What's all that about? You can walk into any electrical superstore and pick up a monster 45"+ TV for inside £300. Maybe half that if you can be bothered to look around. So why wouldn't you? You're happy to put down £400 for a poncey phone, and yet you're only going to have a tiny little TV? Eh?

    living room.jpg

    I dunno. Maybe you've got a good reason and I'm being a d1ck. Maybe it's a way of saying, "TV? I've got better things to do with my time". And it's hard to disrespect that, right? Or maybe it's just so that the little girl from The Ring will have a smaller portal to crawl through.

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