Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • Nope, infact other religions have more terrorist attacks and activities then the entire muslim terrorists combined according to a US terrorist expert, but they are more highlighted cuz the media likes to blow it out of proportion to create a negative image of islam so it's citizen would hate it and support their killing which their country does by invading their homelands. Bush used 9/11 to further his plans. It was all a set up.

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    tell me what do you think about islam from your point of view as a free thinker not what u hear from the media

    Well. I can only say. TERROR TERROR TERROR. And it's their own fault that i think like that.

    No respect for other rules in other cuntries than their own. Just because we won't slot your throat on public view. Well, maybe we should? Would that make you guys behave?

  • I love this topic!

    I used to be a Muslim. A convert, but I left. Not because Islam wasn't for me, but because I no longer was for Islam. I never was approached by anything radical. Never once. I had a good experience with the people.

    My one and only problem with Islam, it's not the terrorists...because frankly, that's not true Islam. My problem is the grown ass men marrying children! I gave Mohammed the pass because that was normal back than...but today those dirty son's a bitches should know better! It happens in America too, all over the world. I hope they all burn in hell, everyone who thinks sex with children is perfectly fine. i don't care if their parents give them away, i mean how much was their child really worth to them. it's just not ok. Some of these girls still play with dolls, they should be outside playing, not satisfying her husbands needs, idc if he takes care of her. that's our job, as grown ups we take care of children...not have sex with them! Hell has a special place for sick bastards like that...Muslim, Catholic Atheist, American - non American idc what religion or race you call yourself, burn! I had a conversation with a taxi driver about this. I told him it's disgusting. He thought he could argue with me,'re foul af to me and a despicable human if you are ok with this. I'm not saying you directly, anyone in general reading who thinks it's ok. I'm sure there's plenty of pedophiles on here, they are the ones i speak there not enough adults in the world, not enough ladies on the corners?

    anyways...that was my only problem with Islam...

  • @muslim I've been to Egypt.

  • @muslim I used to be Muslim. I no longer am. I actually had a pleasant experience with Muslims. Very lovely people.

    However, Islam holds a darkness I can not allow by my morals. I am not okay with grown men marrying little girls. Many of these girls haven't even hit puberty. It's not okay in Islam, it's not okay outside of Islam. It's not okay in the Middle East it's not okay in America. We have our disgusting foul excuses for humans who think sex with children is ok. If prison doesn't rape them up the ass, hell with burn it for them. Adults are supposed to protect children. I hate the way this world is to them. I often cry for all the children. This world is not fair to them. The Islamic belief "oh he will take care of her" it's all fair play as long as she is being taken care of...a seven year old bride, to be de-flowered...sick!

    this is an issue with humanity, not just Islam.

  • @muslim I used to be Muslim. I no longer am. I actually had a pleasant experience with Muslims. Very lovely people.

    However, Islam holds a darkness I can not allow by my morals. I am not okay with grown men marrying little girls. At 16, it's considerable but not without great jihad within myself. Many of these girls haven't even hit puberty. Seven year old brides, to be de-flowered SICK! ARE THERE NOT ENOUGH WOMAN???? The culture response "Oh he will take care of her" it's all fair play because he will take care of her...hmm isn't that what grown ups are supposed to do? We are supposed to love and protect children. Oh, but the parents have to okay it" well, they are just as guilty! if not more, parents are supposed to protect I will never ever be convinced that this is acceptable. It happens here in the US too, plenty of pedophiles here. I hope they all burn in hell, anyone who can do this to a child has no soul. When they get caught and go to prison. oh the mates have fun with the pedophiles. There is blood, and I have no compassion for them.

  • @amira-perciralli Im also an ex-muslim(Now anti-theist/ agnostic atheist). I disagree that terrorism isn't true Islam because most if not all what terrorists do is either approved or recommended in the quran but othr than that i agree. I think you might enjoy this song

  • hi, I believe that no religion in the world that emphasize on terror, But only WE Humans have done horrible things in name of religion so there is no point in speaking about religion, all that matters is the people who take things for granted...!!!!!!!!!!! there is never been any problem with any religion but there is always been a problem with human brain .

  • no,, i dont,,,,, in my country( indonesia). any religion that there are here will be peace,, insyallah,, cause we(indonesia) have a good ideology that is "Pancasila".

  • Muslim's Population is about 1.8billion around the world, almost 25% from total world if 25%(1.8billions) peoples would be terrorist, the world would be at fire, no one would be at peace if 1.8billion peoples were terrorist.......
    We r at peace, our family is in peace, we r living at peace, our countries r in peace..
    And by the way Google knows that most rapes,, divorces happens in USA....and the least rapes, divorces happens in Muslim countries...Not believing on me?? Then Google it

  • Islam is not a religion of terror or war infact no religion contains terror . It is the extremists who are tying to cause terror.they use the cause of religion in their dirty works. Every religion contains ☮️ so do not humilate each other and live a peaceful life

  • @muslim Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion while people are turning it into a goddamn Bloodbath and it's ridiculous I mean Islam is supposed to be peace finding beauty within it within a set of

  • No it is not as with anything it is the extremist who are crazy and may be terroists

  • @ashley3 thats nice of you . thank you ^^

  • I like this

  • @thestrangest u r not a ex-muslim, u r a lier, u r anti-islam, and pretending that u r ex-muslim, no one wants to hear ur lies and shits, and if someone would truly follows quraan, then he will not kill even an dont talk about something u dont know dummy...

  • I don't think islam is a religion terrorism thats all.

  • @thestrangest That's what they want you to think, Terrorist fight with the name of islam and they are supplied by them, (THEY) don't want you to think it's peaceful religion or even think about knowing what's it's all about, (THEY) are fighting it because they know that if people looked to this religion in the way they don't want it the world is going to change, they are trying to make people stay as far away as they can from it. some people searched for it and believed in it and others searched for it and learned it but kept neglecting that it's the right religion, everyone has his own mindset, but if you really think about the whole thing and that terrorists use (ISLAM) as there main reason for their crimes, you will find that (THEY) are trying to keep people's minds under the shadow. (THEY) = The world

  • @muslim definitely terrorism

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