• Hi my name is Mia and I'm seeking advice on what sites do u think I should go to to ask for financial help like a fundraiser I've tried go fund me and u have to pay to get your post advertised at the top of the list . My daughter is in stage 4 cancer shes 11 years old she had cancerous tumors growing on her lungs and chemotherapy wasn't helping so they did surgery they are not coming back but the medicine is very expensive and I'm ready to lose my house bcuz I've taken so much time off work to be with her. Does anybody have any suggestions please I'd really appreciate it I feel some type of way about myself bcuz I have worked hard all my life I don't ask for handouts but I don't know what else to do .any advice would be appreciated

  • @mia912 Hi Mia, If you are in the United States you can always call 211 on your phone for help, and/or advice. They can usually point you in the right direction, at the very least. Give phone numbers to charitable organizations, local non-profits, and even at times churches, who may offer assistance.
    Another thought, contact the local TV News. They always have segments on "local stories" and yours would
    get attention if they reported on it. Hope that info may help.

  • Thanku I appreciate it very much

  • @mia912 You are very welcome, I hope you'll find the right help, soon! If I think of anything else, I will be sure to let you know, as well. Hang in there, sorry offhand I don't know of any other sites than the ones you mentioned, like GoFundMe

  • @mia912 OH!! I do have a thought, but it's not a site. Where you live can you get plastic jars and ask stores and businesses to let you put them on the counter, or such? Make up a card with a pic, and the story to go with the money jar, you know what I mean? Sometimes even Police and Fire Departments get behind good causes like that, maybe even local Gov, like City Hall. Again, not a website, but those types of fund-raisers can generate a LOT.

  • @mia912 It's OK to ask for help is BECAUSE you've worked so hard, and done so much, not despite that!. And it wouldn't be a hand-out. Anyone who may help, in any way. Well... that would be their way of trying to be just like YOU! Remember that