• nancy10
    Hi Dear how are you doing, I am miss Nancy it is my pleasure meeting you here i saw your profile and i am
    impress my dear,i will like to have a world with you true my email ( [censored] @gmail.com

    Beware the bots.
    This is a PM/DM from a bot.

    If you reply to this email then an army of scammers are waiting in line to free you of your money. They will be unattractive men that spend all day typing away to emails they have received.

    They will provide pictures stolen from profiles claiming they are the beautiful person in the image.

    They will slyly look for hints to your ID or bank numbers.

    They will give a sob story hoping to influence you to send money.

    They will accept plane tickets to come visit you. Only to refund or sell the ticket, then tell you they are stuck at customs and need help paying some imaginary fee.

    They will send you nude pics, intimate chat you, and be laughing on the other side of the line with their fellow scammers that you are falling for it.

    And they will share and trade your email with other scammers. Soon your email will be flooded with rich princess and wealthy widows. All need a small sum from you to get a larger imaginary sum that they claim they will split with you.

    But if you don't know this already, then you are already falling for it and I'm too late to educate you.

  • @ScruffyMutt , you mean to tell me IT ISN’T REALLY THE PRINCE OF DUBAI HITTING ME UP ON INSTAGRAM!?!?! I’m simply DEVASTATED. 😭😭

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @ScruffyMutt it happen with me too. scammer wanted an iPhone from me.