an essay for father's day

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    today is father's day here .. I would like to wish my tws daddy ..
    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY maze (idk her current username..)
    so when I was in school. English was secondary language to learn . n teachers not really expected a long English essays from average students. (like me)
    n that time a very funny joke I knew .
    in a vernacular medium school,
    English teacher came (who don't speak in English most of the time) n said students write essay on "best friend" then students write it by helping each other that's y few backbencher students has each word same in a 5-6 line of paragraph which is entire essay. xD
    so they wrote it like.

    friends are everywhere but true friends are rare. I have many friends, but ash is my best friend. everyday ash and I go school together. my best friend ash and I play cricket everyday. he often comes in my home my mother loves him very much. a friend in need is friend indeed.

    then teacher said write essay on My father backbencher students just replaced word friend to father n said done to teacher πŸ˜‚
    so easy was like

    fathers are everywhere but true fathers are rare. I have many fathers, but ash is my best father. everyday ash and I go school together. my best father ash and I play cricket everyday. he often comes in my home my mother loves him very much. a father in need is a father indeed.

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    @ash33 , Did tws help you with Your English? Tbh I think your English is really good. Snap me a greeting in Snapchat and let me hear your English. Lol. I thought of all my friends and kids from India on this trip often because Canada has so many Indians! Canada should be renamed India West. πŸ˜‚ I was beginning to wonder if anyone was left in India.

  • tws gay club but no homo Watch Anime Eyes Gamers

    yeah , tws helped me a lot in improving english.. still I consider my English is not goodπŸ˜… .. I think I can improve more in future ..
    n mostly indian r in every country n still India is on 2 rank in population

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    @PakodaKaDiwana like the old gentleman says, "Everyone can be a father but not all of em can be a dad"

    Uuh. It broke my tears when you said you dont know your father name ._. Damn bruh, thats hurt.

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    @ash33 , all those pervs breed a lot! πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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