• What happens when we sleep where does our consciousness go and why do we have a physical reflex if anything happens to our body...
    I want your take on this..

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    I want your take on this..

    Well, physical reflexes are – as the name suggests – physical. They are unvoluntarily, even when you are conscious. They don't go "through" consciousness, not even when you are awake. You only feel them happen to you consciously.

    There are even reflexes directly connected to your eyes. This one has been thoroughly studied in monkeys and humans: when our eyes catch snake like patterns moving on the ground, our body jumps much faster than we could consciously do anything really. In other words the visual nerves are directly connected to the movement without any conscious involvement.

    For sleep there are two options and it is unclear which one is true.

    Option one is that consciousness simply fades, we simply become unconscious. The patterns in the brain that constitute consciousness (not that anybody has any idea what consciousness is in brain terms yet) simply stop or tune down.

    Option two is that the experiences we go through when we sleep are in fact conscious but are not saved in memory... we just don't remember anything that happens in our sleep apart from a very selected set of dreams.

    Well there might be some third option, like the soul leaving the body, if there is such a thing as a soul, and obviously the memories of the soul would not be accessible to the brain (since memories are definitely physical... we are able to make them inaccessible through drugs and such)... but that can only ever be speculation i suppose...

  • @pe7erpark3r thanks bud that definitely helped, you have some interesting points on this matter...

  • @spaceboy the human brain is truly fascinating....

  • When our central nervous systems enter a sufficiently relaxed state, we astrally project into the core of several volcanoes at various points around the world, each one of which is a dimensional prison for a different aspect of Lord Xenu's gnostic soul (also known as 'Dormammu' or Պատկեր). The sensation of weightlessness and the way our limbs flail around corresponds to the effervescent bubbling of the ethereal lava. What we experience as 'dreams' is simply Lord Xenu trying to distract us. The correct response, of course, is to learn how to lucid dream, at which point we will be able to beat up and bully Lord Xenu, before becoming his friend, and this is the way the quantum signature of our corporeal reality is strengthened and revitalized.

  • It doesn't go anywhere

  • dissect the question.

    What happens when WE sleep?

    • WE - our current self is our physical senses projected to our soul with a overlay of our thoughts - which obviously is different to how sleeping feels

    Where does our consciousness go?

    • When we sleep- our physical senses shuts down - so your left with thought- which is dreams. If there is no thought then its deep sleep where there is nothing.

    Physical reflex?

    • From an evolutionary standpoint, its quite obvious why we have 'reflexes'. Just like how our body heals itself without our consent, its just hardcoded for our survival- or what was by chance hard coded led to our survival -> for you to subjectively experience and question it right now.

    Science makes sure we don't need multiple takes on stuff. Its all logical and can be understood with reasoning. but I'm not saying people being artsy and calling it a whole new dimension and stuff are wrong - it really shows how much are unexplained by science - or shall I say YET to be explained?

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    dimensional prison for a different aspect of Lord Xenu's gnostic soul (also known as 'Dormammu' or Պատկեր). The sensation of

    bro r u a flat earther or sumthing