• If I feel all doors are closed then I would push each closed doors at least once. Doors are closed but all closed doors are not always locked at same time.

    I would not give up instead would built enough inner and outer strength either to open a door or to break a door (last option ) and would continue my journey.

    " Keep moving never take rest til your good is better and your better is best. "

  • @_ajay_ if all doors are locked, choose window. xD

    Lesson: Never give up when there's no open door. Use initiative and determination to thrive :)

  • @_ajay_ great analogy and everything but I don't think this is how really life works. Doors are closed for a reason, breaking down someone's door down is a crime, analogically, metaphorically and literally

  • @_ajay_

    Just remember that some doors are locked cuz someone locked them. It's ok to look for a way but don't "force' your way out.

  • @_ajay_ when the door closes , you are being redirected to another pathway. Don't force yourself to something or some place you're not destined to enter. ^^

    Lesson: always be positive and resilient when it times of gloominess. Always look life at the binoculars of possibilities

  • @Ethan-Gene
    No crime suppose breaking down doors of deserved destination. Sometime jealous people lock your door intentionally, they can't see growth of other. and some people of selfish class leave you in locked closed door, they can just act to be friend but in reality they are not.

    In this case, suppose don't get any key to open door of own place then would break.
    No one can fall me down from my achieved level, and interrupt in my way toward deserved place.

    Never stay silent where you are right