• ... just do your best and give your 100% efforts for what is inside your deepest core of heart, i m sure results will be definitely more than your expectation

  • Yeah, but the first thing is all rejection, which makes you much more backward in the process

  • @Surya-Mani-Deepak said in Don't expect, ....:

    Yeah, but the first thing is all rejection, which makes you much more backward in the process

    Agreed on that one. Why you should always give 100% of yourself, when you get 5% from the other person back? It's not working like that... 😞

  • Expectations bring sadness. Not getting what you give brings disappointment. What shall be done I wonder

  • @FangYuan Possess, learn, refine one's understanding of expectation. To expect once is common, to expect twice? Foolish.

  • @Zac I am enlightened. No second chances cause the true self people never changed.

  • @Surya-Mani-Deepak Every rejection will further progress your character. There is no "backward" per se. Every bad relationships should encourage your new definition of a good relationship.

    Every rejection is a healthy choice from both party that the life together isn't a dream, it would be a reality that is unhealthy for one or both members.

    Rejections may feel really harsh now. It will become bittersweet later on.

    From younger perspective, I think rejections are really painful due to the thought that "I'm not wanted, desirable enough, good enough." For whom exactly? Is one not good enough for?

    Let's imagine, we weren't rejected. We would just be in a relationship that we shouldn't be in, that we shouldn't strive for.
    What we should strive for, hope for. Are relationships where the partner put toward effort, courageous enough to talk beyond the good times, relationships that peer beyond rejections but the inevitable heartbreak of "death part us".

  • @FangYuan Some definitely deserves another chance. However, another chance given isn't something so carefreely given.

    Circumstances for individual to change are "usually stark". Changes often happen over extreme prolong time frames known as "life", in which many events temper the new changes, encourage new "personal truth" to the individual.

    At times, we may begin change drastically in one variable. It may be loyalty, pride, deception, or rather we decided and desire to change. These are the typical "changed over night".

    For those changes to take results however, it would have to be months or years of results. It would be years of "no longer shall I deceive the less educated to further my own ego".

    It is easy to say, "I will stand up for what's right, I will stand for justice."
    It is difficult to stand for justice, time and time again, time and time over, it is difficult to act out a personal truth.

    In all that said, changes does happen. People, even the worst among us have this capability. Doubtfully they will.

    Every soul is born a clean slate. No hatred. No knowledge. "Imprints" on what they know.
    For some whom have only known deception, only known lies to live. They thrive and believe it is needed as part of survival.
    Others, just utilize it as an excuse to wreck havoc.

    With ALL THAT said. The typical "changes" we would like to see in people. We won't see. We will know it once they have changed, it will be apparent, it won't be questionable. It would be "their new truth".

  • @Futushimo Start by giving 5%, then 10%, then gradually one day it may be 100%. If not, one would retreat at 10% or 15%. Not feeling like they have given 100% and received inadequacy.

  • @Zas I read it like 3 times. You thoughts are kinda cool, Imma steal them to upgrade mine if you don't mind ^^

  • @FangYuan "Steal" away. Good artists imitate, great artists steals and make it their own. "My" words are just mentored advice from many that I have found to be true in life.

    I harbor no claim, vault no idea, for my time is short, as all of us are.

    Within a room of artists, there will be those whom keep "secrets to a craft". Thinking that's what makes them valuable, believing if others known of such secrets, the very secrets would somehow be diminished.

    To further any crafts beyond individual and wholly frontier, we often forget how much work has already been paved by past greats and legends. Ideas we just now view as "common knowledge", such as modern Kurt Vonnegut regarding "The Shapes of Stories".

    Secrets, in this manner, of techniques and pattern of recognition should be shared in my attempt humbling view.
    To aspire future endeavors from others, one shouldn't hold such secrets to the grave. Out of legacy or ego or possessiveness.

    To allow all those whom wish to know such secrets, view them with full transparency, as many of the greats before us already have allowed us.

    This is artistic endeavors of course, however, allow me to ring logic.
    In the objective scientific world of research, imagine how slower progress would be if researchers held these secrets. Although there are secrets such as hydrogen bomb which are reasonable so, most if not all of aspects of astronomy for example is shared.

    Scientists have a sense of curiosity, more than ego. Artists could aspire to such curiosity outside of our own individual bubble, and tame our ego as we would be much greater as a whole, our craft that much more refine and indulging.

  • @Zas I am seriously Copying your words, it will be fun to read them after sometime and reminisce. Fun.