• Lesson Either you success or fail, you learn somethings.

    First you start work to finish with in particular period. Initially you feel wow, i can do this, later you face challenges, difficulties, complexities etc.. and you put effort to solve all these difficulties.

    This effort will be your Lesson, doesn't matter either you fail or success. And Lesson will be your solution of future uncertain difficulties. Generally we all face similar kind of problems again & again. In this case, previous lesson of similar kind problems will become helpful.

    Moral of Post:

    " Never give up and try to finish maximum percentage of work. Lesson you learn will become Key of Closed door (uncertain problems). "

    Next post will be about Closed-Door (coming-soon).

    Thank you for reading :)

  • @_ajay_ I'm glad to read a post that's something like this. Everything has a lesson that we often neglect.. we took it for granted and realize it later.

  • @_ajay_ Hej, thanks for inviting me to read your post see this I really give my most convenient time. :-) Now its time to give my critique lol, tbh your post is inspiring, you are right eidr success or failure both have always something to be learn...As we take a closer look at the greatest thinkers throughout history,most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.. You strike a good eye opener that to achieve personal best, to reach unparalled heights, to make the impossible possible we cant fear failure, but we must embrace the prospect of failure.. As it goes "if we've never failed, we've never tried anything new at all"
    I am really hoping you continue to give insights and to see more of your motivational post.. Keep going :-)

  • the amount of uselessness in the grand scheme of things

  • @cjko
    Thank you so much :) I just tried to express whatever I have faced during my career journey.
    Some one says true "Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try" :)

  • @Bela-Hella
    Thank you so much to manage your time for reviewing a post. I appreciate. :) Visitors' opinion are very valuable to construct somethings better. I m beginner writer not too expert but try to express whatever I feel. Thank you so much once again :)

  • @_ajay_ my pleasure. Life is always unfair, just deal with it. :)