• I once worked at a retail shop, and as Assistant Store Manager I often had a LOT on my plate, and on my mind. One day an elderly gent came into the shop, and I did my best to help him along, and answer his questions, help him find what he needed. He must have noticed I had lots on my mind, as when we reached the check-out he took hold of my arm, smiled and said, "Don't worry, my boy, it may not happen." That caught me somewhat off-guard and I mentally shifted gears enough to ask "What might not happen?" His smile broadened and he patted my shoulder and said "ANYTHING!" Words of wisdom from a friendly elder. Passed along from him, to me, and now to you.

  • 😂😂😂😂 Don’t ever read a comic called Wanted!!

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    hmmm Lazz,, dam if you do, and Dam if you don't.. what is the point of that statement, how does it help, give that man some meds, or something to drink, he is,, errrrr,, never mind. hahah

  • Wow! That’s so cool!
    I think if someone would to tell me that I would be at aw and also be confused and wonder what’s about to come my ways.
    He wasn’t wrong, it could be anything.


  • @Homedog-Ashley Yeah, yeah. Anytime I start to worry about something, I remember back to that nice old gent and what he said, and it helps calm the worries, some.

  • @Lazz congrats, Lazz. You are a respectful person. If you were Asian, some of the elders would appreciate you like you are their son.

  • @Lazz hello Lazz, i have chinese anchestry in my blood.

  • @Nia-Rox Right, right. No conspiracies and secret underground criminals and such, here. Just thought it was a cool story to pass along. :)

  • @AXES_ Hey man, I take my wisdom where I can get it. Crazy as that might sound :)

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 Actually I'm half Japanese. Hajimekonnichiwa!

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 That's really cool Nibby. So, ni hao, then :)

  • @Lazz Lol it is cool!

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