• Who is going to be more powerful? Thor Vs Captain Marvel?

    I am with Thor, and I am sure Thor will flirt with Captain Marvel even in such adverse conditions :P
    What do u says?

  • @albertojames
    Whoever doesn’t flirt with Cap will be a homo. Dude, she’s soooooooo awesome.
    However yeah, since Iron Man is taken... I expect only Thor to flirt with her which is a shame. RDJ would have absolutely killed it with his flirting game!! And since MCU is not Dark, there will definitely be some wholesome banter with Marvel!

    That Smile....... Damn. 😍😍
    Captain Marvel smile

  • I feel like....thor is powerless without his weapon.... But cap was in the army even before she got all those powers....

  • @albertojames why don't you ask a marvel creator, he will give a precise answer rather than boggling you head with random uncertain answer and you will wondering with one thought and don't allow you to think which you suppose to think to shape your life for better tomorrow

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