• Imagine you go to an appointment for something (let it be for whatever you want) and you go in and they make you wait in a waiting room. There's nothing to do, but sit there. Realistically, what would you do to pass the time?
    Most of the answers would probably involve getting on the internet and using your phone. Which is normal, I have friends that use their phone every time they're bored and I have another that will watch youtube any chance they get.
    What is up with that?
    Today I was on a date, the food didn't sit well with my date, so lets just say after eating they spent a fair amount of time in the restroom. During this long lonely time, I sat there. I looked out the window, I looked at the people, I watched life go on around me. While doing this I saw other people waiting for food and seating. They were all on their phones. I seemed to be the only person who was comfortable enough to be alone, waiting, with nothing but life to entertain me. Yes, I had my wonderful iPhone XR with me, but I didn't get on it once.
    I clearly don't understand the purpose of why people feel the need to bust their mobile devices out every time they're "bored".
    Can someone explain to me why this happens? What is it that phones provide that make people so addicted? Why do we often see people jump to their phones the moment they're alone or have nothing else to do?

  • @TheGoldenMole
    No I just cant survive without my mobile. It brings many conveniences for public in many fields of life. It gradually makes people change the way to communicate as well as consider it as something on their person.

    Nowadays, mobile phone makes the communication among people very different from what in the past. Face- to-face communication becomes an old-fashion in modern life because it is not convenient and takes a lot of time. Instead, mobile phone helps conversations occur fast and correctly. Besides, people can get information from another in any places like in a car, on the street, in subway, etc. Moreover, in some emergency situations, mobile phones are considered as the most useful tool to solve problem. For example, when an accident happened on the street, people can use cell phone to call ambulance and inform the place of accident to policeman and too many apps which are created for women safety. :p

    Because of the convenience of mobile phones, no doubt that it now becomes a popular tool of every person. Modern life requires everything to happen fast and immediately. As a result, people CANNOT live without cellphone. Hence, people can use mobile phone for many purposes instead of hear and call like in the past.:joy:

  • I sat there in the restaurant, so pleased at being able to resist looking at me phone, that I didn't notice my date had escaped the khazi window. The restaurant staff who were in my employ lay dead.

    But yeah. I agree with @Saloniii, but at the same time, I appreciate what GM is saying. I fully recognise that it's a DANGEROUS, STUBBORN, NEUROTIC, PHILOSOPHICAL WEAKNESS on my part, but I just don't like using my mobile to web-surf when I'm in public. It's not even that I'm missing out on all the Sherlock Holmes esque details that'll help me defeat my enemies, it's just that I don't wanna seem insular. It's an old-fashioned thing, and I apologise for being born in 1897.

    Here's a weird thing: I remember when mobiles first came out, and there was no internet facility, or even games, I STILL really wanted one. It was as if I just sensed the potential in them. Weird, huh?

  • @Saloniii using them for communication is great and I understand that part, it is everything else that I don't get. People are on their phones all the time, even when they're not talking to anyone. To me that is boring, so I don't know why people think it is entertaining