Is Evil Learned or Inherent?

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    Based on psychology books i have read (like a lot), they mentioned evil things are created with the perception and the interactions in verbal communication. Hence, i think it is none of that. You can manage things like your evil side if you want to.
    There is no learning in evil, they are just copy paste it then adapt it to their behaviour. 😂

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    @Indrid-Cold You may disagree with what I said Indrid. It is always good to have the counterpoint and a pleasure to receive your notes.

    Life is ripe with suffering and tragedy, as it is, but what brings people to their knees, what brings us to desperation and contempt is suffering intentionally brought into the world, by other's and ourselves. Soldiers often experience PTSD not after having seen incredible evil in front of their eyes, but by seeing the evil they are capable of themselves.

    What hurts us most is the suffering that didn't have to be, that was caused by someone willing to hurt others. We have seen immense evil done in the past century, by the third reich, and multiplied even by all the communist empires the world has seen so far.

    If we were truly born evil, then the suffering we cause would be tragedy, it would not actually be evil, because it would not be intentional. For anything to be evil, it needs to stem from a decision. Thus all evil, without exception, is freely committed and not innate.

    In fact, recent study shows that taking, for instance, sth that is considered bad, like addiction, in the moment they are supposed to choose whether they want to subside to that addiction or not the part of their brain responsible for awareness and decision-making is being shut down, that is the basis of addiction. So, we say they should simply remove their harmful habits, but complelely dismiss that it is not exactly possible with an atittude of "it's their fault"
    As with soldiers having PTSD as a result of perceiving themselves as bad, the actual issue in people not being able to change their habits is the constant thought of "don't do it" as if we needed to resist our internal self which would naturally behave as bad. That is what we are taught, because parents usually don't differentiate between a bad action and a bad self, such as when a kid breaks a plate and her mom says: "bad girl, you're so (fill in the blank)"
    That is the fundamental issue with society, and it is actually internalised, and creates ego: ego can be wonderful and the only way to experience reality, but a major setback too, if we identify with the negative, dark, at a most subconsious level
    That's what we need to look into
    That creates why we act evil, because that's what we believe at our deepest level about ourselves(even religion talks about the originary sin), how could we not mirror that in our actions?

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    @TheGoldenMole most of the time, the shadow cannot be seen from the perspective of the person themselves, they become incapable to see it and the negative behaviour becomes unconscious.
    It is often the extremists who believe they are fighting for a cause of utmost goodness that commit the most evil crimes (as we see it) but they don't know because it is so in their sphere of understanding, which is shared by their society
    But then, we have a much more generalized similar attitude, in many concerns: take killing animals for instance(tough subject many don't want to consider), it is considered good. What? Then when you expose animals' suffering and emotions to them they say it's at least necessary. Ok, but science doesn't back this, by meat causing cancer. But then they agree with you, and say their change cannot make a worldshift, because in fact it goes much deeper into their attachments, eating is a form of connection, and one subconsciously realises they would break that connectionwith some people.

    Too much meat causes cancer, rarely eating meat seems to make you healthier... in fact statistically somebody who eats meat once a weak seems to be the healthiest. But then there are lots of studies, saying quite contradictory things, and like with most medical things, one has to admit, that science really does not know how our bodies actually work... This you can see by the fact that there are soooooo many oppinions on diet (whereever there is no knowledge, you'll find lots of loudly voiced opinions 😂)

    I'm quite angry with christianity saying we don't have to think about it, we just have to follow what the custom is and that is the path to redeeming your sins, when the church is sometimes the most unaware of societal structures

    Actually christianity does not say that we should not deal with animals suffering. Christianity does not even say you have to eat meat 🤷... It basically just says that humans are a lot more important than animals. I for one do agree with that. On that note let's not forget, that any sane person should understand, that the conditions under which we grow our livestock actually makes us sick too, and thus certainly is unchristian already from a pro-human perspective... And I mean it's mainly done like this for profit, which again, is unchristian...

    Then christianity also says, that it is our job to properly take care of creation, which IMHO includes not stuffing animals into cages basically their own size, and pumping them full of antibiotics so they don't get sick from treating them like this. In fact christianity gives you the impetus to engage in society and make it a better place in any regard really to the extent of your power.

    However many christians are not really christian. They think going to church and doing what the everybody does, and judging others for not doing the same, is what get's them into heaven. Well it doesn't, and (almost) every church says that too.

  • @Huh I agree. Evil is like a label. Its like in religion, some say "its natural when you do it in the name of (random religion name)" but there can be others who says that that the same thing is so so wrong. Its all a label.

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    @TheGoldenMole are you from UK or Canada ?

    this post is 2 years old ............. he hasn't been on since then

  • @Janet oh shit , me being absent minded .

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    @Ashish_ said in Is Evil Learned or Inherent?:

    @Janet oh shit , me being absent minded .

    lol it happens 🙂

  • @TheGoldenMole May be both gene and environment are responsible

  • @AllAboutGay GhoSt mAdE stRaiGht peOple inTo hiS imAgE

  • Evil is actually like God , we can't see them by this eye and can't hear their sound by this ear. we can't feel them by our five senses. but we have five senses else that we can feel them by those senses.
    I have an Instagram account which explained about these notes.

  • Devil is source of evil. Devil is actually like God. we can not see Devil by this eye or hear Devils sound by this ear but he speak with us every moment. we must select every moment Devil or God. if we select Devil therfore we are selecting evils and if we select the great God therfore we select goodness. we are free for any selection in our life.
    sorry my English is not very good.

  • @TheGoldenMole
    life is short and truth is not far from us. we need to know how can to be goodness and happy at this moment only.

  • Children the majority of them are cruel especially towards pets and plants. Even though not taught they tend to find pleasure in hurting animals for this reason cruelty is inherent.

  • Depend on your world vibe

  • Crui.ty is not inherent

  • @TheGoldenMole Many things that are perceived as evil seem to have a lot of genetic predisposition. A combination of genetic predisposition and environment causes people to do things that are perceived as evil. Some genes are expressed only under particular environmental conditions. So both genetics and environment are essential.

    A person who is not genetically predisposed to committing evil can commit evil under the influence of drugs/chemicals which can have an impact on his psyche by altering his neurobiology. For example, Amphetamine is a drug that has made a lot of people commit things widely perceived as evil.

    People can also be chemically desensitized which can result in them committing things considered evil.

  • @TheGoldenMole are you from UK or Canada ?

  • it's perceived as such because people are pragmatic ... good and evil don't exist

  • I don't think the term evil or good has the same intrinsic meaning as evil or good.And because the relative disparity actually occurs and is an estimate between societies and individuals to determine the central point from which the reflections of the images of actions, sayings and ideas emerge, and their fixed estimates that determine the nature of the emerging, the problem hasbecome more ethical than a nature that is unique in evaluating the individual's behavior on an objective or unbiased basis.Not stable at all.Therefore, it is very difficult to root evil or good beyond the limits of the moral source, which alone determines what they are. BTW That's one of the rarest good posts I saw here lol 🙂

  • Evil was inherent one, but learnt from parents, family, friends, school, college, office, cinema.this all help how to do it perfectly.

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