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  • @NotAsh33 ,
    1)Biologyโ€” sooo fascinating

    2)CHEMISTRY-hello lots of medical and even beauty products require this and I want to stay young and beautiful. Lol

    3)PHYSICSโ€” itโ€™s important shit.
    And finally waaaayyyyyyy down the list at number 444). MATH-Because F*โ‚ฌk YOU MATH. (Unless itโ€™s a sale. I can calculate sale prices! Hell yeah!)

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  • I'd say they're equally unreliable yet have the ability to improve, ruin
    or confuse a person. Which could impact a persons quality of life in a negative or positive way. Nor is philosophy a worthy or reliable source of truth. .

    Philosophy deals with the personal thoughts, opinions, morals, ethics, feelings, demographics and times of a person

    The thoughts of a pessimistic and optimistic philospher having a conversation will be completely different. And their philosophical beliefs would clash and they'd be at odds.

    Same as a democratic and communistic nation would argue over which economic principles would be best applied and implemented in a nation. Bringing good to the citizen and the country as a whole. Then there is the unassertive, pascifistic, liberal minded individual, who may listen in on the two. Agree with both, agree with one or the other or agree with neither. At which point he would probably be looked upon as a fool and shunned by his strongly optimistic and pessimistic minded colleagues.

    Oh and then there is the cynical philosopher. We won't even go there. Point is all people existing in this world live, function and socialize based off their philosophical view point. And since none of us think the same.... Who's to say who's view is wrong or right?

    Then there's the science of everything that holds mass and exist in and around our world. Which is as touchy or touchier than philosophy. It also deals with the personal beliefs,Tangible (everything that we see, physically touch and observe plainly with our eyes. Such as a car, apple, etc., etc.,etc.) slightly tangible (fog, clouds, dew in the air, oxygen) and untangible (gravity, earth's atmosphere, more mysterious, important and impossible to understand the space that holds our galaxy's and planets in place. Binding them to there perfect and harmonious position in space. Each supporting the life of the other in some way. Just as the bi product of the oxygen we breathe, C02 supports and makes photosynthesis possible so plants and trees are able to produce nutrients to support there existence which in turn returns to us in the form of produce which nutrients support our existence.

    Cause let's face it if the sun were any closer or further away to earth, life here would not exist. If gravity were any stronger or lighter. We could not survive here.

    Science also deals with the personal thoughts, opinions, morals, ethics, feelings, demographics and times of a person.

    Philosophy is older than science but science evolves and progresses faster than philosophy.

    Only because some things in science are theorized about, described verbally or mathematically and observed with the eye. Making it true or untrue. Which assist in proving or disproving the hypothesis in question or in a related field. Supplementing our knowledge of the subject allowing us to progress in the same field or explore another. Philosophy proven or disproven can never be confirmed as true or untrue since some die doing what they believe to be philosophically correct. Even if the rest of the world were to disagree. Making the individual and the opposing majorities philosophy true. Since both were proven with an action that could physically be seen.

    It's my opinion that science is not as reliable or trustworthy as we're made and taught to believe.

    Let's not forget that a lot of science that is referred to as fact is actually theoretical, unproved and refuted over constantly.Due to the person coming up with a hypothesis that is impossible to prove. Most science is expressed in a mathmatical format giving shape to a persons theory, philosophy and belief on how anything that's anything was created, exists, and holds mass in our world. We've given everything that we can prove exist a name, and quantity so that we could give it some shape so even if it were not able to be observed with the human eye it would have some shape in our minds making it easier to believe in it's existence.

    Since most of what supports our existence is invisible. There is no real way to even theorize on the subject matter. Since it cannot be proven.

    Bringing an even more touchy and heavily debated subject to the table.... Was this world created by chance? Or by something intelligent and even more mysterious than the existence of gravity or the earths atmosphere.

    Some scientist seeking to prove intelligent design ended up as atheist. Some scientist converted to some religion where intelligent design is taught as a core belief due to data that was discovered or not discovered during an experiment. Which would have proven the theory of intelligent design true or untrue.

    Again the science we hold as true or false is totally up to us. Neither proving or disproving anybody's hypothesis or philosophy.

    Giving my personal opinion again. I think the things supporting our lives and everything that we see in space is to complicated to fathom. I mean we're still fighting fanatics that value there religious views and beliefs over human life. If we can't wrap our minds around the value of a human beings life. How could we understand the events or the person that created our environment?Which supports our existence and gives us the ability to argue over things we'll never understand.

    Another thing. A lot of subjects are accepted as partially proven. For instance ultra violet light. Or a number that is used all over the world in science, math, architecture even investing and computer's. Yet nobody to this day has been able to calculate the whole number. That's right..... Pi.

    Anyhow that is my opinion of the subject.

    Conclusion. They're both based off our personal cognitive beliefs. Also many things proven to be true in science in the past were disproven later by others. Making them untrue and regarded as scientific nonsense. The way that some philosophical beliefs regarded as truthful, appropriate and socially acceptable are now regarded as not. Due to cultural, demographic and social changes that happen yearly. So who's to say one man's philosophical view is appropriate or inappropriate. I say no one.


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    First things First.... That was wonderful first post from you. You could have created that as your own TOPIC altogether.
    Now, I assume after reading your answer that you gave your views on Who's the best among "Science or Philosophy" which was actually the 'Category' and not the Actual Question. However, that doesn't affect the impact and genuineness of your reply.
    Looking forward to more quality contributions from you.
    Welcome to TWS.

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