• Re: Is there any way to recover eyesight if it has gone weak?

    Eating low-carb lifestyle works! My parents both wear glasses and we all decided to start doing this low carb thing and after a few months my parents didn't even need their glasses anymore... they actually started seeing better without them.
    (If you don't want to change your whole eating ways, I would reccomend using coconut oil instead of butter, milk or cream. You can also eat a spoonful of it as a snack)

    This doesn't only work for eye-sight it can work to lose weight and also reduce sweating/ getting tired easily. After about three months we started getting all figety and decided to exercise, that made us lose weight even faster. My dad literally ran up 10 flights of stairs at his job because he couldn't walk any slower because he was so full of energy.
    When you sleep it's like you feel like you didn't sleep but you aren't tired at all.
    The oil in your body mostly goes away.
    If you have a bad case of pimples then look no further... I used to have really bad acne and by eating this way my skin is so smooth. Like a fashion model you can say.
    When you eat, it's like you are filled lightly and it doesn't feel like a rock inside of your stomach. I normally skip lunch and eat only breakfast and dinner because I keep forgetting to eat because I'm never hungry! I just eat because I know I have to.

    The food we eat is so delicious and experimenting. We even have chocolate that tastes just like actual chocolate! Remember that this isn't a diet, this is a lifestyle... you always eat like this. Yes you can have your treat days or cheat days or whatever you'd like to call them, but the main point is to get healthy and this really works, better than any diet out there!!

  • @BabyWaffle what you have suggested it looks promising i have weak eyesight and i really dont want to wear my spectacles so what do we eat and what do we not eat apart from coconut oil?

  • @BabyWaffle
    I guess its no secret that the carbs that we consume in abundant quantity are a great health deterrent. Since not everyone can live on the keto diet, having a healthy eating habit becomes quite important. Substituting fats instead of carbs is a normal weight-loss procedure as the body uses fats as the fuel to keep itself running thereby leading to greater energy (after braving initial 2-3 days) and fitter body. Its good that you finally adopted the low-carb diet and its working out wonders for you and your family. I hope everyone adopts a healthy eating habit to stay fit 'coz being healthy gives you satisfaction in your own skin and unlocks more adventures that you can undertake.
    Cheers for sharing your story, mate. Stay Fit.

  • @Wolfie_11 Thank you! Yes not everyone can do it but I think it can be done in a different way too maybe. Maybe they are starting to figure out different things for them to eat as we use a lot of nuts and seeds and some people are allergic to it. You can do low carb just check if there is nuts or those stuff in it. We could always start to request things so that people with alergies can do this lifestyle without having to face the consequences of eating the wrong thing. Thank you for your reply.

  • @Lord-Rorschach you can eat lots of fats. Like nuts, cream, olive oil... all those things. The best way to start is by starting to stop eating sugar. We have a sweetner we use that you have to fet used to but after a while you will feel so healthy and it’ll start tasting like sugar to you. Because my family and I are losing weight we eat 20 carbs or under each day which helps us to go into ketosis which helps with losing weight and is very healthy. But if you don’t want to lose anymore weight you can push your carbs up to 60 per day which will give you a variety of foods you can eat. The thing is, you don’t have to eat all the fancy stuff we eat but the fancy stuff keeps you full. If you want to eat normal food then be prepared to eat only a little to stay inside of your carbs.

    I suggest that you download the “Foodle Free” app that shows you the carbs and stuff of food items. It works. Also the coconut oil works if you want to use it to cook food or something in it rather than using sunflower oil or those disgusting things that make you nauseous afterwards. Also, go listen to Tim Nokes and read about things and stuff about this lifestlye. There is also a different lifestyle similar to this one called Banting but I wouldn’t suggest that to someone with health issues. We tried that too, it worked but my dad got kidney stones because of it and that’s not good.

    Fun fact: Did you know that one whole pizza is 200 carbs? And that one potato is in equal of 40 carbs?

  • @BabyWaffle
    Well yes, you're right about the allergies but there is always a substitute for nuts. They can always take the protein supplements (if they are into gyming or high-energy exercises) or some other low-carb diets. Though most of the fruits are not recommended in keto diet but they're surely healthy and can do no harm.
    And well, seeing a quality fitness post propelled me to reply. So cheers to you.

    P.S.- Your username is in contrast to your eating habits.

  • @Wolfie_11 Haha I just realized that haha, I will change it. Thank you. And yes... a lot of people don’t actually want to lose weight because that’s not the point, the point is to be healthy. So they can eat like this to be healthy. I think that anything can be done if you put your mind to it :)

    P.S. I just like calling myself a waffle haha.

  • @BabyWaffle
    Being healthy and losing weight are two different concepts altogether, I concur.
    And as you said, where there's a will there's a way.
    It will be worth the sacrifice (of tasty foods).

    P.S.- Oksy Waffle.

  • @Wolfie_11 Yes. We eat a lot of tasty food though ;)

  • @BabyArtist i guess i need carbs as my routine is kinda tough. And i am planning it more tough. Cycling running and playing basketball etc so i guess i would need them right? And talking but i do believe your way works as well i had my 10kilos down once in a week or bit more by just having a day neal and drinking water eating natural snacks like nuts as you have mentioned. But what i dont understand is why fats? You know fats contain twice as much energy then carbs basically fats are energy reservoirs right? And carbs canbe accumulated as we swallow them down. Wouldnt it get us fat if we have fat intake?

  • @BabyArtist and i would definitely be trying coconut oil. It sounds interesting but little difficult to swallow lol

  • @Lord-Rorschach Not at all!! Fats actually burn fat, that’s the best thing. People eat so many carbs and have to snack the whole time because of carbs because the energy in carbs lasts for an hour or so that’s why you feel the need to eat the whole time. People think sugar intake helps with energy... it does but you just feel bad afterwards by getting a headache or something. Fats give you a lot more energy to hold in and it doesn’t make you feel as bad. It also saves you time from eating so much because if your energy level always is low because of the amount of carb intake you do then you waste time by feeling weak and also having to eat again every once in a while. When you eat fats, you eat when you need to eat... sometimes if you are very active then you might need snacks because you burn energy faster. If you use carbs then your energy will stay for about 20 mins depending on how much you took in. You can always keep nuts with you to eat a few and then you’re good to go rather than an energy bar. I also suggest this lifestyle to someone who is very active because it makes you very energetic and want to live. It’ll also prevent your chances from getting a heart attack!

    I forgot one more thing about this life style. It also improves your ability to learn things and listen to someone! My grades improved so much because of this lifestyle. It’s not just for school it’s also for learning in life.

  • @Lord-Rorschach That’s great! To be honest I love coconut oil because it’s so smooth and it is so yummy in your mouth. It’s actually easier to swallow than other types of oils, you can even make a bullet proof coffee with it but I suggest using a blender or electric wisk to mix it. I personally preffer coffee like this plus it keeps me full for 6 hours.

  • Ha, ha. I wish i could stop consuming sugary food.
    But chocolate for me is literally a coping mechanism and drug.
    . . . The best drug.

  • @BabyArtist how do you mention a topic when making a post

  • @BabyArtist Low carb lifestyle is a tricky one, and in most cases it's not healthy in the long run. You need energy from carbs, the "good" ones at least. You go with it ofc, but do some research on that type of lifestyle. That shit is dangerous actually. It can cause more negative than positive outcomes, esp. if you go with animal proteins which will kill your kidneys in no longer than 2 years lol

  • @Karina-Kara That’s okay haha but if you really want to then anything can be done if you put your mind to it :) we have low carb chocolate though that tastes exactly like chocolate!

  • @sarah I think you tap like on the arrow next to the big reply button and then you choose “make new topic” or whatever it says on it. I have no idea, it just gave me that option because the post I got the “Re” from was made long ago.

  • @BabyArtist you look like on a mission to make mouth water by describing the details lol. I would definitely try it sometimes. Btw can we take it with something. Like milk or anything else?

  • @Karina-Kara ikrr. I have kept myself away from chocolate because i was too addicted. But yes whenever i see chocolate it gets me wet.