• I’m sure we all feel some sort of anxiety. Some of us get severe anxiety, others just get fairly anxious. Shite, I’m anxious right now. But we all have different ways of dealing with it, or some don’t deal with it at all.
    How do you deal with anxiety?

  • @Div
    We, as humans, overthink.
    Think back to the times you were a child.
    Have you overthought every possibility and action beforehand back then?
    No one really did.
    And that allowed us to live a carefree life, albeit one without having to take care of any greater responsibility for yourself and others.
    So there you have it.
    Simply put:
    Responsibility = Anxiety

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    just by writing it down. it helps to calm down.

  • @TheGoldenMole Anxiety as a state of natural alert is always welcome. A little adrenaline is always good to feel alive. It becomes pathological when it comes to controlling all the expectations of the subject. We can gradually test our anxiety states, never abruptly and know our limits, which can be overcome over time. If it is a limiting state then it is advisable to seek psychological help, since psychiatry is a powerful industry specialized in drugging people without helping them to experience difficulties and procrastinating the opportunity of self knowledge, except exceptions where chemically there is chemical imbalance of receptors and neurotransmitters as noradrenaline and serotonin.

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  • @TheGoldenMole said in How do you (if you do) deal with anxiety?:

    I’m sure we all feel some sort of anxiety. Some of us get severe anxiety, others just get fairly anxious. Shite, I’m anxious right now. But we all have different ways of dealing with it, or some don’t deal with it at all.
    How do you deal with anxiety?

    It's true that from time to time, we experience anxiety. As early as 1 year old (or earlier) there will be a time that we become anxious of something or someone as our reaction. Blame this to the chemical reactions in our brains and to our hormones.. LOL.Well, as to asking how I deal with anxiety.Especially the "early adulthood anxieties" I only do these things to overcome this problem..
    1.I breathe slowly and deeply because when we are anxious, we tend to have that trembles and palpitation.It gives you a serene mood after
    2.I pray; I talk to the universe and to the omniscient creature. I jot it down too. It helps me lessen the burdens of the negative outcome
    3.I listen to calming music. Any genre of music depends on my mood of the day. 😂
    4.I trust myself for the greater outcome. I always remind myself for that
    5.I bear it in mind that everything will be alright and let things happen according to HIS will.

    I hope it will hepl you overcome anxiety. I can add more btw if you want, I just don't want to spam you with these. Lol
    I'll just give you the 5 rule of my fingers. :)

  • I normally stop thinking about the current situation, take a breather and calm myself down by drinking water and thinking about what makes me happy, then I know I;m calm and can go on with what was happening. If you don't calm down then you risk making the situation worse and harder to solve the problem or maybe even make it unsolveable. That's just my oppinion and to be honnest this helps a lot.

  • @TheGoldenMole If you have issues with anxiety throughout the day, doing yoga would help you a lot. Do yoga every morning and maybe before going to sleep (you have different forms of yoga, some of them are more based for building strength and endurance for example, while other yoga types are more focused on stress relief and strengthening the mind-muscle connection. You can start with yoga workouts that don't last longer than 10 to 15 minutes, start with easy programs and exercises which are made for beginners, and work your way up from there. Many studies have shown that persons who practice yoga notice first changes within the first 2 months. Doing yoga in morning prepares you for the upcoming day while doing yoga in the evening helps your body to relax even more during sleep. Don't overtrain yourself though, if you decide to try it in the first place, lmao.

  • i really dont feel anxiety alot, but when i do some hot chocolate seems to help.
    and some calming music.

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  • Hyperventilating occasionally, cold showers etc

  • @TheGoldenMole
    Such unknown causes are still unexplainable to me.
    I try to calm myself down or look for reasons to be so anxious in such cases.
    If you are feeling watched, then let them. They can only gaze afterall. Close the blinds. Turn off the lights.
    If you feel being stalked and followed, evade and hide. Hark for odd sounds and movements.
    Maybe there is a reason afterall.

  • @TheGoldenMole
    I try to find something more worst then that .. N thinks its not worst situation ..
    Or just listen songs..
    Or talk with myself to find solution .. 😅 sometimes it works for me

  • @TheGoldenMole I just keep myself busy or give myself an outlet of sorts. A lot of the time I remind myself I’m overreacting if I get too paranoid as I get super anxious over the smallest of things, but I have a few coping mechanisms that help me as well.

  • @TheGoldenMole good question me mate. i suggest you eat alot or you just sleep or you do the exact opposite. by which i mean do some good amount of exertion

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  • @TheGoldenMole hmm my pleasure to help :)

    Another tactics are the ff:
    6.If that is a long-term anxiety about life and everything, I suggest a hobby that surely let you express yourself. You can do it in painting, drawing , crsfting or in photography. It makes you feel lighter and worry free (IMO)
    7. Turn your anxities into poem or song lyrics , I assure you you can make a great sound track of your life ;)
    8. Eating a happy food releases happy hormones :) if you are a foodie, this will greatly help :)
    9. Go step outside of your room , see the brighter and wider perspective. Don't lock yourself inside that four corners and let anxiety engulf you. Warning: it will turn into depression if you will not make something to prevent or to lessen it.
    10. Hangout with people who listen to you, people whom you trust, people who stick with you through good and bad times, truest people on earth ;)

  • @TheGoldenMole Any of us can develop pathological anxiety, such as in cases of post-traumatic stress, such as undergoing assault, accidents, threats, intimidation or even public speaking. What worries a lot are the cases of panic syndrome, agoraphobia and other anxiety disorders. Therapies are still the most recommended path.

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