• Inform yourself.

  • Mmm. I think I would've just sat on my hands at 25:00. It's my opinion that the government, and the security services, is just ordinary society in macrocosm (and that's not a good thing). Here, Snowdon cites Orwell's 1984 as some kind of revolutionary text that might be suppressed by totalitarians. That's a bit conspiracy theoryish, innit? If he'd said the Communist Manifesto, then my ears would've pricked up. In my opinion, Orwell was a c-list science fiction writer with as much political insight as an episode of Thundercats.

    Are street-level punters really so dangerous, either politically or financially, that the security services snooping on us is even a thing? Let's face it, from their point of view, we're just tax-cows, used to prop up the stock market, and that's just the way we like it.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Sure is strange this whole mess.
    But why are then the pentagon-officials so hellbent in using Ed' as target practice?
    That would mean that he is speaking and telling "the truth."
    A truth... That is forbidden to know.
    And worth to kill in order to suppress it from the public.

  • @Karina-Kara well, y'know, it could be true. It seems obvious to me that the UK security services done a murder on Dr David Kelly over the Iraq WMDs, so it could be that everyone was after Snowden because they knew he was just the tip of the whistle-blowing iceberg. Kinda like if the government was killing rappers, but before they killed Kanye or Jay-Z, they killed Cardi B.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    You got that right!
    Just like the russian federal government poisoned Alexander Walterowitsch Litwinenko with Polonium-210 on british soil with russian spies.

  • @Karina-Kara The Russians have got such a lot to answer for.

    A week back, I was walking with a pal and I found a shot of Absinthe, sealed up in a little shot glass. She dared me to drink it, and in the past, I would have (I don't like being called a wuss) ...but then I remembered the Novochok perfume bottle, and worried it might be more of the same (I live not far from Salisbury). Just left it. This is how terrorists win.