A letter to god

  • Dear God,

    I trust you will get this letter wherever you are. I’m writing to you because I have a very special request. This isn’t your typical prayer because I’m not asking for something small. I’m also not asking for you to intervene and restore peace in the growing number of war torn countries, to end world hunger and poverty, to heal disease, or to make my dreams come true (although all of those would be awesome)…but I am asking for a miracle. In fact, this is the biggest, most significant, and most important thing I’ve ever asked for.

    I want to know you.

    Like really know you.

    I want to know who you are, what you’re all about, and what you’re like.

    I’ve spent my whole life being told by others who you are and who you’re not, what you are and what you’re not, how you are and how you’re not, and everything in between. I’ve been told where I would find you and where not even to bother looking. I’ve seen so many different depictions and pictures of you, and I’ve heard countless stories about you, including many people’s personal accounts of their experiences of you.

    I’ve heard it said that you are Love and that I only need to look within to discover you. When I think about that, my heart lights up, and yet so many people become closed and shut down at the mere mention of your name. In my lifetime, I’ve also witnessed senseless tragedies and acts of violence committed in your name and several disasters signaling the decline of our planet and civilization. Some say that if you really existed, you would have intervened, and others say that these things have happened because we have created them with the free will that you gave us.

    Throughout all of this, I admit that I’ve had my moments of doubting you and questioning you, but deep down in my heart and soul, my faith and belief in you have always remained strong.

    Now I’m coming straight to you. I’m going to the source and asking you to let me get to know you, to reveal your true nature to me so that I might live in complete alignment with you and give my life to serving your purpose. That’s what I really want more than anything else, and in order to do that, I feel I really have to know you, and our connection has to be direct, personal, intimate, and undeniable.

    I know there’s this tricky thing about faith, which says that true faith is measured by our belief in that which we haven’t seen, experienced, or had proof of.

    I hear that, and I understand it.

    Rest assured, this request is not a question of faith. I have faith. A heart full of it. I believe you are real. I know you exist. I have no doubt about that whatsoever. I am not asking for a sign or for proof of any of that.

    I’m asking to know who you are. I want to feel your presence and recognize it the way a child knows his mother’s touch or the sound of his father’s voice. I want to know you so closely that I can be as cozy with you as I am with my best friends, knowing that you get me and that you are there for me even when I’m not making sense or going off the rails.

    I’m ready to live my life to serve your purposes and to further your cause. With my own free will, I’m coming to you and asking you to let me in, let me see you, not obscured by others, no degrees of separation, completely revealed, as the true essence of who you are.

    I am ready. I am listening. I love you.

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Indrid-Cold I dont think its crazy, or jealousy to be honest.
    Isnt it like a sort of craving?
    Like theyre eating amazing food and you just wanna have a bite?
    You know, just to see what it tastes like.

    We could swap "war" stories, im sure you be surprised by the notion that i do believe in God.
    My brother used to ask me a similar question "How can you believe in a God that allowed so many bad things to happen to you?!"

    God didnt do those things.
    People did.
    However, i was always picked up.

    It was easier to explain when he had a son.
    "Say you're at the park with G (his kid), and he's jumping like crazy and youre next to him, hes having fun and in a second, he bumps into another kid, trips and hurts his knee. Now, you were RIGHT THERE. How could you NOT protect him?
    Or was it just a chain of events?
    What would you do after he tripped and hurt himself?

    'I would pick him up.'

    There's your answer.
    God picked me up."

    The things that went wrong were necessary, in a weird way, i know, to put you where you are now. And to burst your bubble, its probably NOT about you anyway, but the people you will/can impact in your life.
    Theres a funny bit about how Jesus understands suffering because he suffered the same pain himself.

    ... Would that somehow change a certain part of your story?
    If you met someone, and for the insane fact that you had gone through the same pain, you were able to help this person? 😏

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Be careful with those stunts! I have seen many YouTube videos to know how they can end.
    . . .
    Now... @everyone here.
    The most simple and best answer i can offer in my state is the following:
    YOU are GOD.
    GOD is YOU!
    Believe in yourself and therefore believe in god and vice versa.
    Everyone is a part of G'd. Part of the whole hive mind phenomenon.
    True, free will is a myth. Your life was always pre-planned. Even your doubts and disbelief you might have now, yada, yada.
    All according to their plan. To your fate. To your destiny and such. Reflect on this idea for a moment.
    . . .
    My situation is different:
    I was always alone. I came up to these conclusion all by myself. By evaluating all theories, facts, proofs and so on.
    No one told me "the ultimate truth".
    I had no mentor. No master. No guru. No teacher. I wish i had one back then.
    But looking at how far i came here makes me realize that i never needed them in the first place.
    I was better, smarter then that.
    I looked through the veil multiple times at very different angles.
    And guess what? Guess who helped me along the way?
    It was all me. "Kara."
    And i don't need anyone else or a "god".
    I believe in myself.

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Indrid-Cold @Karina-Kara my favorite thing about this post is how we all have different views and still managed to talk between us, without imposing and/or offending. ❤ ❤

  • Fascinating letter. I hope you have better luck his the guy / woman / thing than I ever had. It's a grim situation that I have an implicate enough certainty that God exists, while also having an equally implicate, a-priori certainty that He's ..completely impractical and unsympathetic. To put it in perspective, He could now put right everything that's ever gone wrong, and reveal some delicate plan that justifies all the horror and suffering ..but it's too late now. The memories are inside me. I can't square a system that treats people so unfairly, out of all proportions. Can you?
    But I think people do tend to overthink the subject of God, or underthink it. That kinda beatific certainty is where it's at. Very cool, if you can get it. I read Meister Eckhart and get jealous. I read Kierkegaard (the philosopher, not the drrty comic writer) and get jealous. CS Lewis. Every single actor in 'Jesus of Nazareth' and 'The Greatest Sory Ever Told', even the blokes playing the Romans. It sounds crazy, but I even get jealous watching Joan of Arc films and Ingmar Bergman 'The Silence'. Crazy scenario.

  • It makes me so happy to know that you’re asking the right questions. You’re on the right track. I’d hate to ruin the surprise, but it took me almost this whole lifetime to figure this one out. Life, death, reincarnation. All of everything is tied together. Not to toot my own horn, but I did a pretty good job at creating everything. You included. Everything is so fascinatingly complicated, yet so simple. Like the periodic table! I’ll try to start making sense now.
    Love is part of the answer. That’s all everyone wants and that’s all they need. Unconditional love. People lack it though. It plants the seed of insecurity and makes people grow into beings which feel they are unworthy of love. As you can probably tell, the world has taken a turn for the worst, mostly due to our own lack of love for one another. Lack of love for all of creation (including ourselves). God is... well.. I’m everything. You are too. Let me elaborate.

    You say you want to know me. To be closer to me. Have you read any sacred texts? Any religious book. They all have similarities BUT we must take into consideration the fact that these have been mistranslated and purposely altered to maintain us. Read through them and decide for yourself. You have a conscience. Too often, we know the difference between right and wrong, but the incentive to do good is not strong enough. We throw trash on the ground. We say something mean. We know we have I’ll intent, and yet we still act on it. I say, “We,” because I too, have acted on these bad intentions. It wasn’t until I discovered what I’m about to tell you that I really truly became who I am.
    The mind is a FASCINATING place. Dreams. Sleep paralysis. The subconscious. There’s this Law of the Universe. Manifestation and whatnot. You’ll learn how powerful your thoughts are, but you can’t rely on this. Not everything is going to work out for you exactly the way you want it, but you have a carved path ahead. Do as much as you can to control the reins during this ride, but some things will be out of your control. This doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you need to give up! It’s all part of the experience. It comes in cycles, but I’ll get to that.
    What if I told you that the soul that inhabits your vessel has lived over a thousand lives? What if, all the answers that you weren’t supposed to have until you made it to the after life, were just a few sentences down? I don’t want to lose you so I’ll try getting to the point.

    *A snake is crossing a road. There’s a truck headed right for it. If the driver of the truck does absolutely nothing, the snake will remain safely in the middle of the tires. However, the driver hates snakes. They turn their wheel ever so slightly so that they run over the snake, ending it’s life. *

    You’re slithering across the road. You look up to see a truck headed straight for you. You feel relieved at the fact that the tires should go right around you. You glance up and at the last moment, you see the driver staring you down and now the tires are approaching. It goes dark.

    You feel as if you’ve just woken from a dream. You remember looking into the drivers eyes as your reptilian life flashed before your eyes. Then, you remember sitting in the truck, driving toward the snake. You remember each moment of those two separate lives and for just a second, the viel has been lifted. You realize that karma might not always catch you in time. Essentially, when you’re hurting others, you’re only hurting yourself. Your next destination, chosen at random, awaits you. You may be placed anywhere in existence. Time is not linear. You may not even get to be human this time. The viel is put back in place and all memory of your past lives vanish.

    We have the same soul. The many lives we’ve lived each teach us a valuable lesson. Treat one another as you wish to be treated never held such literal meaning. Love is an infinite source. You can love everyone simply because they are an extension of you. The world isn’t awake yet. There are some who have snuck a peak through the viel, but most others are in a deep slumber. Almost as if they’re hypnotized. They don’t question things, they just accept it as it’s been presented.
    I love you because you are me. Learn to accept love from others, but don’t get bummed out when they haven’t yet learned to accept it from you. Not everyone is awake yet.

    All of creation follows a strict pattern from a minuscule scale to even the largest. We are living through various cycles. Anywhere from the seasons, to the way the tide comes and goes. There will be cycles of good, and bad. The only constant is change.

    My life always revolved around me. Meaning, I continue to exist even when I’m alone. As yours revolves around you. When I first discovered who I was, it was almost a secret. I felt like the world wouldn’t believe me, and I had no way of proving it. Then I started to think... I can’t be that special. Out of all of the humans in existence, what makes me so special? All I did was probe my own mind and understand myself. I cause no harm to others and vow not to lie. When we stop making excuses and hold ourselves accountable, the guilt of committing “sin” is heavy enough to deter us. It slowly came together that once everyone realizes who they are, they too will be too Godly to litter. Too Godly to put one another down. Too Godly to promote hate. We’re all Gods here, why not act like it?

    I’m feeling very human right now but I don’t want to leave you confused. Look into spirit science. Sacred geometry. Remember to take what you will from religious texts, they all contribute to the same story. (Sumerian tablets, Bible, the Tripitaka, these are all good places to start. Don’t forget to include science. Interpret these for yourself and live as righteous a life as you can.)
    I went through this episode where I discovered this all on my own, then found others who have been studying what I experienced BEFORE I KNEW WHAT I WAS EXPERIENCING! Seriously, I love you. Welcome to the human condition. It’s all an experience. Take care of your vessel! Remember, this is your reality. You’re starting to wake up. Wipe that drool off your face, and let’s show the world what it’s like to simply exist. Sent with love,

      -An evolved form of yourself.

  • @Indrid-Cold I understand your feelings of resentment toward your “God.” I would like to say that, I’m sorry. As far as people go, they’ve been evolving the wrong way. The world will end when it’s so bad that there’s no coming back from it, or it will end when we can find peace and unity and the natural urge to love and do good is engrained in our blood. I have this theory that if we ever turn the tides and achieve world peace, that we will all just drift away in our sleep and thus, the new world will begin as we reach our evolved form. Almost as if we “Pass the test” that we were out here to practice for. People haven’t learned yet. I wish I could explain it all to you but I’ve already spilled half of the secrets. You’ve been praying to a god, while not believing in yourself. Placing the blame of all the good and bad always on someone else. Just do what good you cann, and try not to crush others beliefs. Don’t devote too much time to negative thoughts and worry, the universe is listening and wishes to make your thoughts a reality. Relish in the moments of peace beauty and happiness, for they won’t last forever. THIS isn’t a threat, it’s simply the way things are. We are living through various cycles. Cycles as grand as the occasional ice age, or cycles as fast as night and day. Tune into your inner spirituality and take care of yourself. I love you and please allow yourself to embrace the entire human experience.

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @reviewer_1 Such a sweet letter.
    You are ready.
    (S)He is listening. 😉

    A child would know their mother in the dark, because they trust the presence more than the visual aspect, which is how most people measure God.
    Do you need to see the wind to know its there?
    You feel God.
    You dont see God. You dont ask for permission to get in, you are entitled to this love.

    Exactly what do you feel you need?
    A visual proof that God exists?

  • @Vanessa-Snow @existence I appreciate the replies to my downer post, but, but, but
    ...the idea that the human race could undergo some mass apotheosis when world peace is achieved, and also the idea that no matter how intellectual we think we are, we're all just kids to be organised by God ...these are very, very cool, important ideas. But at the same time, they're simple concepts. @existence in particular, you seem to be fascinated by Eastern-style stuff, the illusory nature of reality versus intellectual reconciliation. Michael Talbot, Dean Radin, Fritjof Capra, Niels Bohr. I dote on that stuff, too.

    The problem I've got with it all, it downplays the dynamism of consciousness. It devalues it on a cosmic scale. All the metaphors about humans being like children, and stories of karma ...all good, but, for example, a sufficiently skilled novelist could write a story about someone hearing these ideas, and being awed, and making a bond with God ...but in that situation where is the actual connection between consciousness and the phenomenon of God?

    @Vanessa-Snow @existence I'm not denying that there's a lot of truth in your respective essays. But these ideas aren't going to work for everyone, are they? It isn't a question of coverage, either: some people will have heard and processed them, but their lives still get bitter and broken, with the implication that God is running a VERY unsympathetic suicide cult.

    Here's what needs to happen: let's say someone suffers Life-altering Sorrow Part One. His inclinations tell him to commit suicide, but he holds out. And then Life-altering Sorrow Parts Two, Three, Four, Five happen. I'm not denying that these events aren't spiritually significant, I'm saying that it's a matter of utilitarian logic, of the path-of-least-resistance, of economy-of-effort: you don't carry on teaching this guy through metaphors, or overarching spiritual distinctions, you manifest in front of him, sit him down and explain to him what's going on, the scientific reasons behind why horror is prioritised. You expand his intelligence if necessary, you explain why he can't tell anyone else what's going on, but you must do this so that he doesn't end up as a gibbering wreck in a mental home. Of course, this is discounting the idea that God isn't just some very non-enigmatic suicide cult leader (which is my own current, working theory ...genuinely sorry if that offends).

    Look at it this way: if scientific laymen like Bernardo Kastrup and Lynne McTaggart can write books about testable, scientifically-verified quantum physics that come close to presenting a Unified Theory of Everything, I'm pretty sure God Himself could explain things to someone with minimal effort.

    Anyway. (gets on child's BMX, does wheelie, rides away into distance)

  • @Karina-Kara There's something about the matter of 'free will'. I don't know if it's a myth or not. There's deffo a funny kind of vibe about it. Making plans, playing scenarios in my mind, I do get a funny sense of 'friction'. I've often wondered if consciousness comes from the future, from some kind of collective, ultra-cool afterparty run by punk nihilists, and in the meantime, we're all just actors. Moreover, does even 'Free Willy' exist? A film about a boy making friends with a whale? I've never seen it. It seems far-fetched.

  • @Indrid-Cold You get the idea.
    There was almost always something off with it.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @Indrid-Cold consciousness is the soul. So it is essentially a collective consciousness. We share the same consciousness, we just aren’t tuned into it. Whether it be the eastern theories or the Christians view on it or the Buddhist, they all try explaining things in different ways. Everyone just wants to know where we can from and why we’re here, where we’re going. Love and unity. Everyone is so selfish, the only way to get them to care for another is for them to realize they are connected to everything. And everything is them.

    It’s all a matter of perspective from the explorer/believer

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