Arch Linux instalation guide

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    Installing Arch linux can be a pain because it's very advanced linux distro [very professional[ [credits to @spaceboy for idea]

    here's a guide how bout dah :

    1 - and download the 64-bit iso , if you want the torrent you can go for it but i suggest the classic .iso

    2 - download etcher [if on linux] or rufus [if on windows] get a flash disk and format it by these software [it's super duper easy , if you can't be bothered to figure it out yourself there's always a guide on their site or fucking youtube]

    3 - reboot your computer and go to BIOS / UEFI , for me it's f12 that gets me in it , if you don't know how g o o g l e i t

    4 - now there should be a menu with something like : boot [86x_64] or boot [i686] and other bs now try the first one if you don't know if you have 64 bit or 32 bit if it won't boot try the second one

    5 - btw it will nuke your whole hard drive and your os will begone like t h o t , unless you partitioned the whole thing and do all shit which i can't be bothered to list , or use virtual box

    6 - now you will see a terminal thingy right , well it's gonna be pain if you don't have a phone and don't check this for instructions

    7 - type fdisk -l , and it will show you hard drives in your computer i see dev/sda and my cruzer blade flash drive which i'm booting from , [and partitions] , so now we need to mount that shit so i type in fdisk dev/sda [side note , you should see only 2 media unless you have partitioned it , choose the bigger one or /dev/sda[something]] , now that you typed in fdisk dev/sda or fdisk whatever move on to 8th step

    8 - then type in : o , yes just a lowercase o , this will wipe out your hardrive [John Cena] , and press enter just like every time

    9 - then type in : n , now type p in it , if it's default you can just press enter and do nothing , now type in 1 and press enter [again] , then press enter to skip partitioning because you don't need it

    10 - type in : a , and after that : w

    11 - okay now the slightly harder one , type in : mkfs.ext4 [your disk that you chose] , for me mkfs/ext4 dev/sda

    12 - now type in : ip a , and check if you're set to internet , i double check write : ping -c 3 , which will ping google's dns adress , if it will ping without problem you're alright to go

    13 - side note you are gonna be only set if you use Ethernet , so if you wifi follow this

    14 - okay so if it doesn't work and you use ip type in : cp /etc/netctl/example/wireless-wpa/ [very important space here] /etc/netctl/wireless-[name, doesn't matter just remember it] , so i'm gonna name it /etc/netctl/wireless-despacito

    15 - then you go ahead and write : nano /etc/netctl/wireless-despacito and look for interface=wlan0 , check for your interface and type it in for me it's wlp2s0 so interface=wlp2s0

    16 - now go to ESSID and change it to your access point router name here so i named my router : meme when i set it up so for me ESSID='meme'

    17 - now look for Key and you're gonna change that to your password , i won't give out mine so i will go ahead and type Key=GayestFaggot123 [your passowrd]

    18 - now hold ctrl and press o while holding ctrl and then enter to save it and then we hold ctrl and x to exit

    19 - now type : netctl start wireless-despacito

    20 - now try to ping google , if it fails double check the file and see if everything is

    21 - just type in mkdir /mnt/home

    22 - now we're gonna mount one of our "partitions" , which is only one , if you don't know check fdisk -l again and look for it for me it's gonna be : mount /dev/sda1 [important space] /mnt

    23 - now installation yay go ahead and type in : pacstrap -i /mnt base , now wait

    24 - press enter , then type y and enter

    25 - wait

    26 - now type in genfstab -U -p /mnt >> /mnt/etc/fstab

    27 - type in: arch-chroot /mnt

    28 - now we're using our installation , pretty cool huh? , type in pacman -S openssh grub-bios linux-headers linux-lts linux-lts-headers wpa_supplicant wireless_tools
    and press enter and y and stuff

    29 - W A I T

    30 - go ahead and type : nano /etc/locale.gen , and we're gonna find our fugging language n locale n sh1t pretty cool h u h? , i'm gonna select en_US UTF-8 and you want to delete the "#" away from the selected locale and save it again with ctrl + o and ctrl + x

    31 - type in locale-gen and enter

    32 - then go ahead and select your location , type in ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo and a list of location's gun pop up , so i'm gonna go for ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia then another list is gonna pop up so : ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Sydney /etc/localtime

    33 - hwclock ---systohc --utc and enter

    34 - systemctl enable sshd.service and enter

    35 - so next , set our password : passwd and it's gonna ask for your password that you want so go ahead and type it

    36 - now : grub-install --target=i386-pc --recheck /dev/sda [or your disk]

    37 - cp /usr/share/locale/[email protected]/LC_MESSAGES/ /boot/grub/locale/ and enter , bit long command

    38 - now config grub : grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    39 - type : exit

    40 - now : umount /mnt/home then: umount /mnt

    41 - moment of truth , type : reboot and enter , and take off our flash drive

    42 - for localhost login type : root and then your password [passwords don't show up when you type them , don't worry about it]

    now you have your terminal file system , you will need to install desktop enviroment , you can either figure it out yourself or tell me if you want me to go over that , but this is it :3

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    @SoFa_king_Cody it's called expertise

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    Easy peasy japanesey

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    @JessicaGrant Hey Hey hey, quick question.... What?

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    @JessicaGrant said in Arch Linux instalation guide:

    19 - now type : netctl start wireless-despacito


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