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    Alright , another question i get a lot is why I use Linux? , so as usual i will answer it here instead of anywhere else :3 , and also maybe inspire to switch over to Linux

    So let's get straight into it

    As we all know companies such as Google love to spy on us and sell our data , but so does Microsoft , and Windows is from Microsoft , and i believe OS shouldn't spy on you , and thanks to Linux being free & open source it ain't spying on you , as Edward Snowden said "you don't fully understand the importance of privacy , until you've lost it"

    Some people will say that Linux isn't user friendly which is a huge lie , nowadays you don't even have to use the terminal , and if you do you can just Copy & Paste the commands

    So for who all is suitable Linux?

    For gamers : yes it is , even though it used to be incopatible with most games today it runs a lot natively and Wine / Lutris and DirectX to Vulcan conversion exists so you can run almost all games you think og

    For everyday use : yes

    For everyone : Y E S

    and recently Linux got more popular than Windows , and there's a lot of reasons you should use it on a desktop , and it runs faster , here are my Distro recommendations:

    For old hardware / bad pcs : Linux Mint MATE / Ubuntu MATE

    For Gaming : SteamOS / Linux Mint MATE / Linux Mint Cinnamon

    For Scientific Purposes : Scientific Linux

    For Windows users switching over to Linux : Linux Mint [any desktop interface]

    For MacOS users switching over to LInux : ElementaryOS

    For those who can't choose : Ubuntu [ any desktop interface]

    all of these above are free but you can donate and support the devs if you want to

    if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them in the comments / replies :3

  • @JessicaGrant Honey , you continue to astound me at your range on skills, knowledge and the ability to source information.
    Thanks Jess :)

  • Hello, I couldn't help but notice your post, and I would like to know if you would be interested in talking about programming.

  • Watch Anime Eyes Music Lovers Gamers

    Uses Kali linux, Ubuntu and Arch

  • but i have android it is also good

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