• Good morning guys in this beautiful day! Tho I've been thinking for how many of you it's already evening, so... Good morning, good day, good evening, good whatever to whoever you are! Better. So the winter is kind of here... Santa Claus just signed a deal with Michelin, cuz the old ways won't get him anywhere.

    Well then, let's see what the crazy people are thinking. Surprise post from @Jeff9998, this dude has a crush on mathematics! Whaaat!? Yap! You can be damn sure he knows the length, diameter, and the weight of his junk, and for the sake of his girlfriends private parts I hope it's not "squared"! @Vampire_Queen has enough courage to ask people to "Describe yourself in a few words..." knowing everyone will say something bad about themselves and expect her to make them feel better! Respect. @Durwin gets hit by a truck loaded with emotions, reminding everyone, everybody hurts! So you A-holes be nice to each other, look what you've done! And.... drums playing
    we have a winner! Give a few claps of applause for @Anthonyy, this foker went completely loco, no recovery! Don't do drugs kids, Anthonyy will find you, and take them from you by force, even if you just hand them to him, hi will still, use force, and no.. he won't entertain you by cosplaying StarWars.

    I heard a song on the radio, which has this line in the chorus "If only I could say that im sorry" or smt like that. A lady in it singing, it's a very old song that I failed to find, maybe some of you elder folks know what I'm talking about and can help me find it. Would be much appreciated. Anyway, those who are at the start of this Thursday, have a nice day, don't get in traffic jams, you got this! Those at the end of this Thursday, well... u lucky foks, u get no wishes! Peace out!

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