• I love every moment spent with her, her love has touched my heart....:two_hearts:

    I never forget last two days, whole day we passed to gather. She wanted to participate in Singing Audition and previous of last day we(me and her) practiced singing to gather Wow feelings. We selected 10 romantic and heart touching songs and sang to gather is awesome moment of my life.

    But after leaving her, I could not properly sleep because whenever i close my eyes I see her beautiful smile and I wake up again.

    Well now your turn to share awesome moment of your life.
    Thank you for reading :)

  • @_ajay_

    I have many snapshots of time that could fall in to your topic, but for once, I leave only one....

    Witnessing the birth of my healthy baby boy

    Seeing the moments prior to / while it happened and post the event in is 100% entirety

    Other moments are awesome, but nothing compares...since or for ever more.

  • @_ajay_
    Troubling my sis is one of the awesome moment in my daily life bcoz it makes me happy :joy::joy::joy: