• Imagine that you are in the middle of the desert with 5 objects: a mysterious box, a gift, an anonymous letter, a wine bottle and an package.

    What is the first thing you would do?
    Make a list of the things you would do.

  • @mr-ghost

    opens anonymous letter
    reading voice in the back of my mind - You have 4 objects with you, one of em is a trap and the other 3 will help you get back home. If you keep walking south, you will find a village but beware, it's heavily guarded and not everyone manages to get in it.

    several walked miles later, I arrived at the village I offer the wine bottle to the guards and show them I have a gift for the village chief and a package to deliver to the blacksmith of the village, keeping the mysterious box hidden in my sleeve.

    the wine bottle was poisoned - the guards died and a little kid saw them fall at my feet which makes him run away from me without much success as my longer legs catch up to him in an instant. I show him the package and hand it to him, turned out it was his long lost teddy bear so I just won his trust and he is now showing me the way to the village chief!

    After a few minutes walking we arrive at the village chief hut - I hand him the present which happened to be a severed head of the criminal he put a bounty hunter recently so I collect my reward and im ready to go back home with the money I just got but... curiosity killed the cat and I decided to open the mysterious box...

    story rewinds and i'm once again in the desert

    This sucks, dunno why I decied to type this but I was bored :joy: Sorry for the possible typos that I cba correcting! :v: