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    What's the most mysterious thing you saw , heard , talked to , whatever.
    Im just really interested :3

  • @jessicagrant said in Much Mystery , Very Wow , Such Question , Wow:

    What's the most mysterious thing you saw , heard , talked to , whatever.
    Im just really interested :3

    The most mysterious thing I ever saw was a few years back while sat in a lay-by just north of Swindon.
    A friend an I both saw it....
    There was an orange disc (type thing) static in the sky from a hour or so pre-dawn.
    Eventually it just disappeared.
    At the time neither of us said anything, hardly able to look anywhere else, but later when we spoke .... we deffo both saw it.

    The other most mysterious/magical thing was when I visited the Valley of the Kings. Wow... that whole place, there's just summit about it.

    An I said before about seeing an entire rainbow in a valley while en-route to Wales from the South Coast 😉

    hope thats ok for ya lol

  • @jessicagrant

    I've had a friend that lived in a farm far back in the countryside, away from the actual city.
    She told me she would often have this dream where she would see people that died in her life, in that same house. But wait... there's more... She knew when she would have that dream as she would hear footsteps at night in her hallway. But let me kick the bucket with this last bit of mystery... EVERYONE that lived on that farm, would have the exact same dream and they would wake up at the exact same time and both had this feeling to met each other in the hallway after the said dream...

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    @JessicaGrant I'm very original so i have to reply to me own self and tell my mysterious story too ^^

    Well i once lived in retarded aparatment for like 3 years and me and my "friends" played around with the so known ouija board , and we shouldn't really because Mr.Ghostman came to my apartment and ruined my life , i would often here whistling , whispering and see human shaped shadows waving at me , scariest moment ever okay , i had to sleep with it , alone , now i moved and i really hope the one that moved next there doesn't live through the hell :3

  • @mr-h this is scary!
    I've got somethin similar, when i lived in another city for studies, i stayed in a YWCA hostel and it was just an old bungalow made of rocks with many rooms and high ceiling. I could hear footsteps and voices of ppl talkin at night and when id wake up it would be quiet. It might just be my subconscious mind, must be the things i heard thruout the day, so these things never bothered me.
    But there was one night when i had to sleep alone in my room, my roomies had gone home or something, i wasnt really scared n slept to wake up later the sound of water comin out of the bathroom. I thought some tap was open n i went to check n found out it was comin out of flush tank. It was 4am n i went back to bed but somehow i just cudnt fall back asleep and suddenly my body temperature started rising amd that's when i got shit scared and it kept rising. I waited till morning n called up my parents asked them to come n take me home. I'm not the one to get homesick that was the only time i acted stupid. I dunno what to make of it, it was just weird.

  • @jessicagrant Never experienced such thing. Maybe because I, myself, is Mystery?

  • @mr-peanut i saw somethin like a white flying disc too, it was like it stayed for a second or so n then it disappeared/ moved too fast into the space, this was lil more over a year ago. It happened so quick, by the time i told my friends to look out the window it was gone.

  • @jessicagrant id would never do this ouija n shit!! Uughh!!

  • @wildwallflower

    Holy... that is indeed scary... I hope you never had to return to that cursed place... Did anything scary like that happened another time?

    hugs you tight

  • @mr-h aww hugs back (we're doin so much of PDA lately, lol)

    Yes, i had to go back to the same place, i stayed there for 3years in total. But nothing mysterious or scary happened after that. But i heard many stories from the senior girls. They said they experienced weird things, even the warden did so they had to call the priest n ( forgot the word for it) cleansed the place

  • @wildwallflower

    It's funny tho. I've never experienced this kind of things myself, it was always about others and stuff. Wonder why it never happened with me and wonder how I would feel

  • @mr-h I used to think the same way. I'm still not sure of what exactly happened that night, when i started shivering n had fever that's when i got scared, but i didn't see or hear anything, though i felt like someone/something was there in the room, but might be just bcz i was scared.
    Do you believe in ghosts n evil spirits n stuff?

  • @wildwallflower

    Nope, not at all. I guess that's why horror movies don't shake me anymore.

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