• It always amazes me how, as adults, we look to blame the newcomers to this earth when things go wrong.
    All to often parents lead towards using bribery with the fledglings if things are going wrong.
    Like for example I saw this, presumably, grandpa with his grandson this morning..... the boy was stressed for some unknown reason... an I heard grandpa saying, “you promised me you’d be good” The boy calmed down and they moved on. A few steps later the boy was again stressed. So grandpa leans down to him and said, “If your good I’ll buy you something

    I was ;ever like that with my own, my choice was to come down to their level (same level eye contact) and talk to them to find out what was going on. This worked for me, I suppose, because of basic fundamentals that were put in place from the outset.

    What do you guys think?

    • Can you blame the younger generations if they are brought up on bribery and corruption?
    • if you got kids, do you make time to listen?

    I’m genuinely interested to hear you points of view and tales of times out when things may have gone wrong or if you were surprised at how well they went.
    I do realise that maybe there aren’t to many parents using the threads lol lets see hay? :)

  • @mr_peanut There is usually a Vigilance Officer in every department. You can find out about him/her in some banners or boards put up in the offices. They are usually the head or officers of the office. Complaint him. If that's not possible
    quickly correspond to the nearest Anti Corruption Bureau in your city. Lodge a complaint, they will help you and nab the person red handed! This is the best way to solve your problem.

  • @sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ well sir , that is certainly an interesting response to a curiosity about parents, i'll give you that ;)

  • @mr_peanut However, it is kind advice, if he is not really demanding you bribe, Please do not, I'll repeat PLEASE DO NOT frame any innocent person in fake corruption charges!

  • @sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ Just the bribery that lots of parents and grand parents use to try and pacify their young ones ;) nothing major and no corporation's involved (apart from the nanny state that leads people towards doing such things)

  • @mr_peanut In my case when I was a little one my parents like to buy anything esp.when I do good in school but with thoughts as an incentive and not bribery. No tantrums when I was a kid,all fun..

    Now I am working I admit I am really extravagant, I never deprive myself to anything that I hope I have because I work hard for it,thou sometimes leads to addicting things..(which is not good all the time)..

    In the future if I have kiddo(s)/babe..Pretty sure they are not spoil brat but I will give the best of everything for them because I have experience the best of life so they deserve more than what I have now..

    Plus the fact to stay humble and thankful with all the blessings..

  • @bela Thanks for sharing your reply nutneice :)

    You got it right there (in my mind) with there giving for incentive and not for bribery. And that's a great way to treat your own when you have some.
    This is one of the problems over here and in the western world... it's way to easy to appease children rather than pacify them. Hence my question about Bribery.
    Thanks again :)

  • I'd argue the grand parent is in a better position to judge what the child needs and is possibly aware of whats bothering the child.

    Bribery and corruption, Christ.
    Every situation is different, unless you're specifically involved in that situation you don't know the full story and thus aren't in a position to judge i'd argue.
    Don't judge a book by it's cover and all that.

    From your given example it sounds more like a case of "child is upset, peer is aware but can't do anything about it and tries to calm child down. child is still upset and peer tries to cheer child up with the promise of something the child will like"

    But then it could be something completely different, we don't know. Only those two individuals having that exchange do.

    So I'd say, unless a parent is actively abusing their child, mind your business.

  • @martybadger For the fact i gave one example, not to point fingers but to use as an example. The point of the question was to see what people thought, and sir I take your comments on board.
    You are right that every situation is different, but since you missed the point of the thread, I am interested to know what your thoughts are on a generalised basis of the topic. I don't know where you live or come from but this is something that in the UK is very apparent that many people do. And yes it is down to them as to how they bring up their children. Of course it is.

    So, do you have a general idea concerning this topic?
    In regards of minding my own, I'm a thinker and if I see something that promotes a chain of thought, I tend to go with it.... That's how I was brought up, and thanks to places like this I can pose questions to other's based on observation in order to gain opinion.
    Hope to hear back from you cause I am genuinely interested. ;)