@martybadger For the fact i gave one example, not to point fingers but to use as an example. The point of the question was to see what people thought, and sir I take your comments on board.
You are right that every situation is different, but since you missed the point of the thread, I am interested to know what your thoughts are on a generalised basis of the topic. I don't know where you live or come from but this is something that in the UK is very apparent that many people do. And yes it is down to them as to how they bring up their children. Of course it is.

So, do you have a general idea concerning this topic?
In regards of minding my own, I'm a thinker and if I see something that promotes a chain of thought, I tend to go with it.... That's how I was brought up, and thanks to places like this I can pose questions to other's based on observation in order to gain opinion.
Hope to hear back from you cause I am genuinely interested. ;)