Hi everyone suggest one step to eradicate corruption in the world.........123456

  • Hi everyone suggest one step to eradicate corruption in the world.........
    My step is.......ensure social justice

  • since legal instrument was already established by the UN on United Nations Convention against Corruption, United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, and Palermo Convention: UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, so people as an organic community not only as their duty to comply the rules but need to educated and or educating other community about corruption will help eradicate corruption in the world.

  • the anyan method of punishing the one found guilty as an example to others.

  • Gamers

    Pay people in positions of power a good wage and make their actions audit-able. If they're happy, but have a lot to lose, and can lose it easily, that should help them resist temptation.

  • @bushmurry but that method can proceed only in developed country, but in developing country, state budget is a crucial matter to run the government. if you allocated more money on official, then welfare programs and economic development in that country would get some budget trouble. i believe the most effective to eradicate corruption is through education and culture, like germany, japan, netherlands, etc. and of course clean justice systems would really help to eradicate corruption in that country

  • @ali-27 teach philosophy, especially epistemology and skepticism to children at a younger age

  • Your suggestions are really precious

  • @ali-27 thanks

  • @mockingbird i dun know why the Muslims are being chopped by the Bhudists in Burma inspite of UN n so many human rights organizations

  • @ali-27 wait we are talking about corruption right? Rohingya is different with corruption i guess, because Rohingya is under international humanitarian law, if you want to talk about Rohingya and international organization you should post other topic.

  • In my opinion, the first step for everyone in the world would be finding happiness in what you do by first being happy yourself. Recently, I applied for a job below my salary expectations. I realize that money isn't everything in the world. Also, I recently saw "the Founder" movie and realized how the more money you have the more you tend to want. In order to realize this is to stop if you have become ambitious and if you are not happy in the job or what you are doing in life then it's time for change to something that brings you joy. I believe this can help with corruption.

  • @angelsareforreal that is a great idea and i agree with that, become ambitious and do corrupt stuff is wrong, but become ambitious and evade an attempt to do corrupt stuff is great they could lead this world more progressive. i guess you are an ethical and a good moral judge, so if i may ask you, what do you think about people doing corrupt because they are threatened? or maybe need more money for let say their family? what do you think about that? doing corrupt stuff for something good (of course their action inflict a loss for other)

  • @mockingbird I think that I can see their point of view if they feel threatened or are finding an easy way to get money by being corrupt, but it is still unacceptable. If they are hurting people along the way i think it is only causing more harm than actually temporary relief for themselves or the family they say they are doing it for. I agree with you that there are people with a lot of money than can help to make this world less corrupt. There is so much that can be done with all the money, but I believe there should also be no excuses for doing corrupt stuff especially if you are hurting others along the way. I strongly believe in the law of attraction, what you put your energy/thoughts in you attract. But again it starts with each individual. It all comes down to how you view life.