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    ORIGIN: Robocorns first came into existence many years ago. Evil cybermen from a parallel universe were taking over the universe, but a certain genius timelord in a blue police box fought back. Things got complicated when the cybermen used light bending technology to turn themselves invisible and sneak aboard the time machine. Desperate to stall them, Dr Who dumped the cybermen on the planet of the unicorns... but this was a mistake. Seeing the graceful "design" of the unicorns, the cybermen were inspired to take the unicorns' brains... and Robocorns were born.

    EARTH IMMIGRATION: One cold night in December, the aurora borealis made their appearance above the North Pole. Suddenly the sky was filled with bright lights of all colors and Robocorns began to descend towards earth. This was the first of numerous Robocorn sightings. As thousands of Robocorns streamed into the planet, humankind welcomed them as the pure-hearted creatures of legend and celebrations were held in their honor.

    TERROR STRIKES: Things turned ugly when the robocorns went rabid after tasting world-famous ice-cream. Their un-quenchable thirst for ice-cream began to trouble ice-cream factories throughout the world. Robocorns began fighting for rights and eventually established their own government lead by President Cybercorn. Robocorn diet threatens our ice-cream to this day. Many have died from lack of ice-cream, factories which couldn't produce enough have shut down, and ice-cream is near extinction. SAVE THE ICE-CREAM. BAN ROBOCORNS.

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    @justchatamy It would start with teaching robocons about equality from a very young age. Focusing on the things we have in common rather than our differences. It would include equal opportunities for all robocons. Additionally there would need to be mechanisms in place to re-train the older generations that missed this message and safeguards to protect the young minds of future generations.

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    @justchatamy your robotic unicorns aint nothing against my bionic giraffes

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  • @justchatamy Wow this is amazing! At this very moment, Robocorns have mixed feelings. They are more than thankful to get their own banner which represents everything they fight for, but at the same time, they are willing to fight harder than ever to get some extra ice cream and toasters.

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