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  • β™‘ soul searchers β™‘

    @andria stop taking it, make a schedule plan. Have 8h sleep

  • @wolfyy121 that's a lot easier said than done lol. I need to be able to study and work. I can't do that and get 8 hours of sleep.

  • @andria I truly believe in a healthy balance of what works for you...try finding a balance...take you’re time and work on it...

  • @andria The "8 hours of sleep" is quite a cliche, 7 would be enough to function properly. However, since I don't know about your job/college, here's my take on this:
    Plan ahead and make yourself a strict schedule to follow. That means, you already know how much time you will spend on everything in the following day, on your way to college/work, eating, getting your work done and so on and so forth. Let's say that you get, on average, 7 hours of sleep, that leaves you with 17. are you a part time employer or full time? Do the math and see how many hours you are left with which are not essential(required to develop your daily routine).
    Start from the first hour of the day. This will probably depend on your work/college(you might be there already) and will look like a pain in the ass, but let's take a simple example. You wake up in the morning of a beautiful Sunday, what's the first thing you do? Check your phone, social media & chats. Is that really vital? I doubt so. Delay that one hour, get up and do your tasks. You've probably heard of those military insane people who wake up at 4:30 am and start doing their thing. It's unpleasant and feels like shit, but they already know that the very first hours of the day will decide the rest.
    Also, try to have a day off when you feel like collapsing, everyone needs a bit of time to get their shit together.

  • well, in terms of your schedules..try to have a checklist of the things you will do within that day :) it will really help, set time for each so that you can sum up the time you will use in that day for specific thing you should do or have done.

    in terms of sleepless nights - try to freshen your body ,take a bath or halfbath, after that try to drink milk before going to bed , arrange your bed so you can lay comfortably and relax, turn some lullabies on, and blink your eyes as many as you can until you can't open it.. trust me it will help :)

  • @andria Uppers and downers are never a good way to try and keep up with the tasks and goals of daily life. You can carry on like this for a while, but what happens when things change for the worse? (I mean they don't work so you take more, or look for other things that will)
    There is some great advice on here already so there isn't much I could add to the mix. One thing I often do is to make lists. I suppose it's similar to making a schedule that other people suggest, but the list is exactly what it is. A *list of targets. As each one is achieved it gets removed. This personally helps me because unlike the schedule, this is no time frame, only goals. You can of course set a time for the tasks in hand....
    If you work hard, study hard and manage exercise (even just walking at work or at college) then sleep will follow. All this in mind you also still need to eat a healthy (at least regular) meals.

  • @andria cold Turkey take on less find your passion and pursue that if you need drugs to stay awake you're taking on to much

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