• A few a the things (connected) that make me laugh to myself....
    I love spending time in coffee shops, meeting others who enjoy that simple pleasure in life.
    One thing I began to notice was groups of people, that are obviously friends, all on their devices... In many cases with 🎧 headphones on/in, doing what ever they might be doing...
    Similarly its the groups of people that go out walking that do the same thing.. Blindly going about their business faceplanting bus stops an the like... All together but in the same case all alone.
    I said it a few times, I know I'm older but I just don't get it.
    I remember going out with mates, checking the feed once in a while, maybe some updates then back to the conversation... Back to the real world 🗺.
    Come on guys, an don't get me wrong cause I'm a proper tech ed, but surely you go out with mates to be with mates not just so it looks good to the causal observer... Cause trust me
    It don't look good 😟
    As I say though for me it britens my day knowing that I live in a close nit small circle and I enjoy my online life... But others that make like they have it all really can't have... Otherwise they would engage more in the joy of this painful but wonderful world we all share

  • @spaceboy hahahaha wicked pic :D

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