• Argh, this girl is finally 17 years old 😭 Indonesia Time is 12.45 am sharp and i dunno what kind feeling i should have rn

    As long as i remember you had A VERY LONG WISHLISTS and you changed it in every seconds, then below is something i can do for you (assume it as your gift and please be happy today)

    1. A handwriting letter in French 😀
      Je ne parle pas français mais je ferai de mon mieux.

    It took around 2 days for learning how to write in French, do you love me now? I love you too. screw with my handwriting 😂 it is not cool at all
    2. You said you want your character at your shoulder because you dont have a long hair now, so below is your character picture with SHORT HAIR as you wish.


    1. Remember the time when you asked me the reason i have this feeling and i cant answer it properly? Nope, i dont have any reasons and i am so sorry, darling. Since that day, i asked myself about the answers even the possibilities answer, i dont find any words till now and i give up to answer that hard questions 😭. But all of my previous explanations to you was the things that i feel until this day. In short, allow me to repeat my words on my first confession to convince you.
      Since that day, i am unconditionally, irrevocably and wholehearteadly in love with you for whatever you are. Therefore, whatever happen in the past life, in this day, or in the future, i am yours.
    2. You are
      to me

    Happy birthday, babe. Please enjoy your sweet 17th journey till next year. All best wishes for your school, your future career, your life and family. Then, my wish is always stick to the first word i said, be a good grow up lady and be proud of yourself. I will do always keeping my promises and loving you the way you are.

    Special thanks to your parents (especially your mom) who give you a lot of their endless love and make you alive till today. Also, for this TWS for everything this site has done for you.

    P. S. Thanks for letting me to love you the way i do even sometimes it is too much and too odd
    Short note, I LOVE YOU JUDITH :)

    I dont have doggos nudes picture, so here is my nudes with my 7 years old Cat


  • Movie Buff

    @WtfJudith Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire plein de bonheur :smile:
    Bonne fête et passe une merveilleuse journée :heart:

  • @g-a @wtfjudith Wait 1 more year and she won't be able to sue you g.a

  • Si je pouvais vous offrir quelque chose, je vous donnerais la possibilité de vous voir à travers les yeux des autres. Champion de joyeux anniversaire.




    PS - I studied French for 4 years but I don't know shit :joy: