A foreign woman is confusing me to death.

  • I have been dating a foreign woman for quite sometime now. Dating her is less drama. She’s very open minded; that’s what I like about her. She always goes with the flow. It’s a good thing, right? Our relationship is more mature. I don’t have to deal with immaturity. However, the only thing that made me confused is whether she loves me for real or she’s just playing around. Everything I do seems so fine with her. One time I told her I’ll be out with my friends with some chick. I thought she was going to stop me but she didn’t. She even wants me to spend more time with my friends. Does she trust me that much or is doing something behind my back?

  • yeah she is doing the right thing just trying to tell u that she is not jealous at all not like other ladies do. she might love you and don't know how to express it to you

  • deleted

  • Sounds like you found a good catch my friend! It’s so rare to find a woman who isn’t jealous outright these days and who accepts that you have female friends. Based on what you have told us and from my past experience I don’t see any issues. Though I do have one question. Does she ask about them? Like their interests or anything like that? Has she tried to become friends with your friends? If so then most definitely nothing to fear. If not then I would at some point approach her about that subject. Maybe ask her if she would be interested to get to know them? Again this is just me from my point of view on how I’d handle it. But I agree with the others so far everything looks great!

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